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CBC Ottawa municipal affairs reporter

After spending more than a decade covering Ottawa City Hall for CBC, Alistair Steele is now a digital copy editor and occasional contributor at Have a story idea? Email him at

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Cory O'Kelly, longtime CBC Ottawa storyteller, dead at 73

Cory O'Kelly, the Irish-born charmer and natural-born storyteller who left his indelible imprint on Ottawa and its people over a 30-year career at CBC, has died. He was 73. 

'My mom's in there': Relatives wait, worry outside stricken Almonte care home

Outside the Almonte Country Haven long-term care home, all the worried sons and daughters of the people inside can do is wave, and wait.

Notes from the underground: lessons from Ottawa's LRT flop

Is your city flirting with a mass-transit upgrade? Then we should probably talk.

How OC Transpo missed its best chance to get us on board

At the very moment Ottawa's public transportation network needed to win fans, it failed spectacularly.

You've got the wrong Ottawa, but Mat Simonson doesn't mind a bit

Did you hear the big news out of Ottawa? The local eye doctor is opening a bowling alley in August.

Shattered lives, shattered faith

One week after a packed bus slammed into a shelter overhang in Ottawa, killing three and injuring many more, these are the questions authorities need to answer if they want to restore our faith in the city's public transit system.

Naloxone kits coming to Ottawa high schools

Ottawa's largest public school board will begin stocking naloxone kits in its secondary schools in the fall, but some parents are asking why it took so long.

The fresh, young face of Ottawa's opioid tragedy

The death of a 14-year-old from a fentanyl overdose has stoked fears about an opioid epidemic among Ottawa teens, but the statistics suggest otherwise.

3-year fight for bus crash videos was never about exploiting tragedy

After a three-year battle, the CBC has obtained CCTV footage showing OC Transpo bus 8017 moments before it crashed into a train on Sept. 18, 2013, killing six people. As Alistair Steele explains, it was never about sensationalizing a tragedy. It was about looking for answers.

What happens to those hat-trick hats?

Ever wonder what happens to those hats hockey fans toss onto the ice after a player scores a hat trick? Turns out it depends on which team you cheer for.

Ottawa woman says payout for CRA blunder falls short

An Ottawa woman owed thousands of dollars in missing child benefits says she's happy to finally have a cheque in her hand, but says the promised payout from the Canada Revenue Agency falls far short of the amount she was expecting.

Ottawa mother loses thousands in child benefits thanks to CRA error

A woman who discovered she's owed thousands of dollars because of an error the Canada Revenue Agency made a decade ago has been told not to expect the full amount — even though the CRA has admitted its mistake.

Royal implements changes in wake of Ottawa hammer attack

The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre implemented significant changes in the way it keeps tabs on patients living in the community after an Ottawa man with schizophrenia attacked an innocent bystander with a hammer.

How 5 cities gave new life to old rail bridges

While Ottawa ponders blocking all access to the Prince of Wales Bridge, here's a look at how other cities have reimagined disused bridges, viaducts and elevated railways.
Phoenix Falling

Federal pay system failure takes human toll

Phoenix's failure isn't a story about a system, working or otherwise. It is first and foremost a human story, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the people most affected are the most vulnerable members of the public service.