4 music shows to check out in Ottawa this weekend

Bandwidth host Amanda Putz offers her music selections for the weekend ahead, including Morlove, Frank Deresti and Melwood Cutlery.
Morlove is playing at the Gallery on Friday evening. (Courtesy Morlove)

Here are my picks for this weekend in the Ottawa area.

Morlove @ Gallery (Friday, 7:30 p.m.)

Morlove plays Friday at Gallery Recording Studio. The space isn't one I mention often, probably because Dean Watson is so busy recording incredible records there is no time for live shows. It's at 2 Monk St, at the south end of the Glebe in Ecclesiax Church. The band is Miss Emily Brown and Corwin Fox, who team up as Morlove. They are known to treat songwriting as much as an endeavor as an art. What I mean by that is you won't often find an obvious love song about getting dumped, for example. The title track off their new album Old Tomorrow is based on the first Prime Minister, Sir John A. McDonald.

I spoke to Morlove in depth about it last week and you can hear all about the album Old Tomorrow on my show Bandwidth Saturday at 5pm on CBC Radio One. Their CD release tour will be in Kemptville tonight at The Branch and then here in Ottawa at The Gallery Studio Friday.

Frank Deresti @ D'Arcy McGee's (Saturday & Sunday at 9 p.m.)

Morlove isn't the only band playing a couple of nights in the area. Frank Deresti & The Lake Effect is coming all the way from Sault Ste. Marie to play Friday and Saturday at D'Arcy McGee's on Sparks St.

He squeaks in these little tours in between semesters. When you hear that pretty finger-picking of the banjo on Palable, it's actually one of the instruments he's least proficient at.

Frank Deresti instructs guitar, bass, and music theory at the Algoma Conservatory of Music, where he is also the founding director of the Conservatory Guitar Ensembles, and an Adjunct Professor of Music and Jazz Studies. So he knows his way around a six-string as well as a four and five string.

Rock Lottery @ Maverick's (Saturdayat 8 p.m.)

I'm not usually a gambling woman, but I'd put down $10 for the lottery on Saturday night… The Rock Lottery that is. Saturday night at Maverick's it's the fifth annual potluck of Ottawa-area musicians. Participants include a few bands, a few hip hop MCs, and a singer-songwriter or two. They will allow their names to be put into a hat in order for brand-new bands to randomly be created. We're talking some very diverse sounds opening themselves up to playing with others who are completely outside of their regular genre.  

For example, Mike from Goodluck Assembly, clearly a rock talent, could be matched up with one of the masterful rappers from Zoo Legacy, and then maybe folk singer-songwriter Shannon Rose's name would be drawn to round out a new band. (Shannon Rose, is actually playing the Black Sheep Thursday, another great pick!) 

It has the potential to birth something really cool — or it could go haywire. Either way, hilarity and musical greatness are at great potential!

This is Rock Lottery's fifth year. I get to host this one, and all the proceeds still go to the Ottawa Food Bank so it's entertainment with the community always in mind.

It's at Maverick's Saturday night and in addition to the bands I just named members of Fevers, Loon Choir, Kalle Mattson, Atherton and more will be participating. There is a band instrument wildcard (e.g. keytar), an audience "Lottery" for incredible door prizes (designer clothes and even a tattoo), and a Rock and Roll Photobooth with Rubicon Photography. I'm expecting to have a really good time Saturday night so I hope some music-lovers will come out and enjoy the spectacle!

Melwood Cutlery @ Black Sheep Inn (Saturday at 8:30 p.m.)

Lastly, Melwood Cutlery, a fabulous Ottawa valley songwriter, is holding a CD release party at the Black Sheep Saturday night. You can hear more about him Saturday on  In Town & Out as he's my pick of the weekend.