2019 floods: The latest road closures in Ottawa, Gatineau and beyond

Rising waters have closed or reduced the capacity of several streets and roadways in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.

Roads are likely to remain flooded through the week

Water along rue Jacques-Cartier has risen above some sandbag walls. (David Richard/CBC)

Rising waters have closed or reduced the capacity of several streets and highways in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

Here's a list of some of the roads affected by flooding as of 7 a.m. Sunday.

Officials are warning people to take care when driving through any standing or moving water as conditions can change rapidly. 

Road closures in Ottawa

(OC Transpo)

The Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway is closed westbound from Slidell Street to Parkdale Avenue, and westbound east of Woodroffe Avenue. 

The Chaudière Bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau is closed to all traffic until further notice. Traffic control devices are at the corner of Eddy and Laurier streets, and at the intersection of Booth Street and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.

Route 44, 61 Terry Fox, 95 Barrhaven Centre and 105 buses will take the Portage Bridge.

Route 16 is avoiding Britannia Park and the Ron Kolbus Centre, stopping on Britannia Road just to the east of the park instead.

Routes 152 and 658 are not taking Grandview Road.

Eastbound Highway 174 in Cumberland has been closing off and on from Cameron Street to Old Montreal Road depending on the situation with the water.

If it's closed, catch Route 221 buses on the other side of the street.

  • Willola Beach Road is closed due to flooding.
  • Moorehead Drive is closed due to flooding.
  • Ivy Acres Road is closed east of Ritchie Side Roads due to a collapsed culvert.
  • Doris Currie Road is closed due to flooding.
  • Trim Road is closed at Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard due to flooding.
  • Grandview Road is closed at Carling Avenue due to flooding.
  • Greenland Road is closed from Armitage Avenue to Rock Forest Road due to flooding.
  • Len Purcell Drive eastbound closed from Whistler to Fireside roads.
  • The northern end of Churchill Street N. is closed, north of Selby Avenue.
  • Pontiac Street is closed from Patricia to Cowley avenues.
  • Selby Avenue is closed from Churchill to Royal Avenue.
  • Boisé Lane is closed.
  • The northern end of Armstrong Road is closed, north of Phillip Road.
  • Leo Lane is closed.

Several paths maintained by the National Capital Commission are also closed.

The Ecolos ferry between Rockland and Thurso, the Bourbonnais ferry between Masson-Angers and Cumberland and the Quyon ferry are not running because of the flooding.

Bourbonnais Ferries can't run because of flooding on chemin du Quai on the Quebec side. (David Richard/Radio-Canada)

Road closures in Gatineau

The Quebec Ministry of Transportation is closing all the on and off-ramps from Highway 50 to rue Saint-Louis, with a detour along boulevard de la Gappe.

A westbound lane of Highway 50 near Lac Leamy was closed overnight Monday because of flooding.

The Alonzo-Wright Bridge between boulevard la Vérendrye and Highway 105 is dedicated to only westbound traffic from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. and eastbound traffic only from 3 to 6:30 p.m.

The Boyes bridge is closed along boulevard Saint-René Est between boulevard Lorrain and rue Boyes, meaning Saint-René is restricted to local traffic only from Montée Dalton to Lorrain.


  • Rue Saint-Louis is closed between Boulevard de le Gappe and rue Moreau.
  • Rue Moreau.
  • Boulevard de la Gappe south of rue Carmen.
  • Rue René.
  • Rue Blais.
  • Rue Ernest-Charron.
  • Rue Saint-François-Xavier.
  • Rue Oscar.
  • Rue Adélard.
  • Rue Corriveau.
  • Rue Olida.
  • Rue Oxford
  • Rue Carmen.
  • Ruelle du Como.
  • Rue du Prince-Albert.
  • Rue Montgolfières
  • Rue Jacques-Cartier is closed from Saint-Louis to rue Montgolfières; another smaller stretch is closed further west from Saint-Louis to rue Joseph-Bélanger.

Lac Beauchamp

  • Rue Riviera.
  • Rue Saint-Saveur.
  • Most of rue Campeau.
  • Rue de Vimy.
  • A section of rue Notre-Dame near Wabassee Creek.
  • The southern end of rue Sanscartier.
  • Rue Saint-Denis.
  • Rue Glaude.
  • Rue Saint-Patrice.
  • Rue Saint-Paul.
  • Rue de Versailles and rue Sabourin between rue Watt and boulevard Hurtubise.
  • Boulevard Hurtubise.
A woman walks through water at the corner of Rue Watt and Rue Sabourin in Gatineau's Lac-Beauchamp district on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. (David Richard/Radio-Canada)


  • Chemin du Fer-à-cheval.
  • Rue Gabriel-Constantineau.
  • Rue Victor-Charlebois.
  • Rue du Ruisseau south of rue Lasalle.
  • The southern end of chemin du Quai at the ferry terminal.


  • Rue Lamoureux west of rue Dorion.
  • Southern rue Dorion,
  • The very southern end of rues Jubilee and Saratoga.
  • Chemin Fraser south of rue du Minervois and another section between rue Jacques-Philion and rue des Grand-Chateaux.

Roads in Gatineau restricted to local traffic only

  • Rue Saint-Louis between rue de Picardie and boulevard de la Gappe, also between rue Rodolphe and rue Moreau.
  • Rue Jacques-Cartier between rue de la Baie to Montgolfières.
  • Avenue Lapointe.
  • Rue F.-X. Bouvier.
  • Rue Notre-Dame between rue Monseigneur-Lemieux and rue Chamberland, and strips between boulevard Labrosse and rue de Verchères.
  • A short section of rue Campeau south of rue Notre-Dame.
  • Rue Lamoureux between rue Dorion and chemin Vanier.
  • The very southern end of rue Côté.
  • Rues Hemlock, Pine and Butternut south of rue Juniper.
  • Rues Lake, Forest and René-Thérien south of rue Arbutus.
  • Rue du Tamarac.
  • Rue Woods south of rue d'Ellesmere.
  • Place de la Berge,
  • Rue Riverview south of Allée Higgerty.
  • Chemin Queen's Park between rue de Corail and rue du Triathlon.

The city's flood page has an interactive map.

Road closures in eastern Ontario


  • Albert and Alexander streets north of Lake Street as part of the city's efforts to keep people away from the waterfront.
  • Doren Street from Miller to McGee streets.
  • McGee from Murray Street to Doren
  • D'Arcy Street from Murray to Doren.
  • Murray Street south of McGee.


  • Rantz Road is closed near Highway 17.
  • River Drive is open to local traffic only.
  • The main bridge to Garrison Petawawa is closed; access is only from Highway 17.

Road closures in western Quebec


  • Chemin Anne.
  • Chemin Bord de l'eau.
  • Chemin Bronson-Bryant at Clarendon and 2nd Concession.
  • Chemin Bruce.
  • Chemin Cain.
  • The end of chemin Dion.
  • Chemin du Lac.
  • Chemin Eardley-Marsh.
  • Chemin Ferry.
  • Chemin Gauvin.
  • Chemin Gold Mine at 5th Concession.
  • Chemin Mohr.
  • Chemin Mulligan.
  • Sections of chemin Murray.
  • Chemin Proven between Beaudoin and 6th Concession.
  • Chemin Rivière between chemin Mulligan and Highway 148.
  • Chemin Smith.
  • As well, chemin Westbrook and chemin Vielle Pompe are not closed, but are in bad shape and should be avoided.

Some of these streets are under mandatory evacuation orders.

Officials work to reinforce dike in Quyon, Que.

2 years ago
Fire chief Richard Groulx says over 100 people have been asked to evacuate their homes in the village of Quyon amid fears that a dike near the community could fail. 0:36


  • Chemin Mitchell's bridge is down to one lane
  • Chemin de l'Église is closed to heavy vehicles.


  • Rue Fortier between rue Achim and rue Laviolette. Open to local traffic.
  • Rue Achim. Open to local traffic.
  • Chemin de la Presqu'île. Open to local traffic.
  • Montée Lanthier on the western shore of Lac des Îles. Open to local traffic.
  • Chemin de Ferme-Rouge. Open to local traffic.
  • Chemin du Lac-de-la-Dame past the last house.


  • The bridge over the Petite-Nation River on rue Principale, part of Highway 321, is closed.


Flooding on the Petite-Nation River closed rue Principale in Saint-André-Avellin, Que. (Antoine Trépanier/Radio-Canada)


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