2 Uber drivers plead guilty to operating unlicensed taxis

Two Uber drivers pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed taxi and they each face a $400 fine, while one other driver saw his charges withdrawn in an Ottawa court on Thursday.

Drivers face $400 fines, while 1 sees charges withdrawn due to unsigned tickets

Uber drivers plead guilty

8 years ago
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Uber's Ontario GM wants to nail down ride-sharing regulations in Ottawa.

Two Uber drivers pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed taxi on Thursday, while one had his charges withdrawn and five other cases were adjourned in an Ottawa court.

The two guilty pleas will lead to $400 fines, which is less than half of a potential fine for driving an unlicensed taxi and being an unlicensed driver.

The city has said operating an unlicensed cab is a $260 fine, while being an unlicensed driver is a $615 fine.

Amrik Singh, who heads the union for Ottawa's taxi drivers, said the guilty pleas were a victory for the 1,800 licensed drivers he represents.

Charges against one driver were withdrawn because the bylaw officer failed to sign the tickets.

The five adjourned cases will return to court on April 23.

Uber wants ride-sharing regulations

Coincidentally, the general manager of Uber in Ontario was also in Ottawa on Thursday to speak to the Economic Club of Canada.

Ian Black, general manager of Uber in Ontario, says the company wants to create regulations for ride-sharing in Ottawa to avoid further fines against Uber drivers. (CBC)
Ian Black said Uber would work with the drivers charged and "support them," but would not say if the company would pay the fines.

Black also said Uber wants to improve ride-sharing in Ottawa.

"We want to work co-operatively with the City of Ottawa to help create regulations so that we can have a regulated ride-sharing in the city," he said.