1 tattooed Ottawa Convention Centre employee back at work

One of the three Ottawa Convention Centre employees who were locked out last week for not covering up their tattoos is back at work today.

Nyeme Williams wearing flesh-coloured sleeve with words 'My tattoo offends the OCC's image' on it

From left: Daniel Caissie, Nyeme Williams and Johnny St-Amour were locked out of the Ottawa Convention Centre last week after showing up to work with their tattoos uncovered. Williams has since been allowed to return to work. (CBC)

One of the three Ottawa Convention Centre employees locked out last week for not covering up their tattoos is back at work today.

Nyeme Williams plans to wear this flesh-coloured sleeve to hide her tattoo while working. It reads, "My tattoo offends the O.C.C.'s image." (CBC)
​Nyeme Williams was granted access to the building on Monday to resume her housekeeping duties. She told reporters she planned to wear a flesh-coloured sleeve on her tattooed arm, which has the words "My tattoo offends the O.C.C.'s image" written on it.

"The building states that we're a family organization and we're supposed to be greeting people from all walks of life and people from around the world," Williams said Monday before entering the building. "Yet they cannot comply and respect their own people in the building. This doesn't make sense. To us, it doesn't make sense."

Williams, a unionized housekeeper and chief griever, said she plans to file several grievances about the incident. 

The two other workers, Daniel Caissie and Johnny St-Amour, couldn't get back into the building with their ID cards on Monday morning. They also said they hadn't been contacted by anyone from the convention centre.

Later Monday, Caissie and St-Amour were allowed inside for a human resources meeting.

"We've always wanted them to come back to work, but they have to adhere to the employee terms of employment," said convention centre spokesman Daniel Coates.

"Hopefully we can come up with a solution."