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Snow squall advisories, warnings in effect for eastern Ontario, western Quebec

A cold front passing through eastern Ontario and western Quebec will bring a burst of heavy, wet snow that's expected to last into Wednesday evening.

Why cities are taking 'incremental approach' to dealing with encampments

Staff members with the City of Kingston are cleaning up an encampment site and strongly encouraging those who remain to relocate, rather than evict them, which is a piecemeal approach one expert says has become more common among cities who are trying to manage legal challenges.

Quebec bill proposes teens 16 and under work no more than 17 hours a week

The Quebec government tabled a bill on Tuesday regulating youth employment. The proposed law says students age 14 to 16 cannot work more than 17 hours a week. Children under the age of 14 would only be allowed to work in specific fields like tutoring and babysitting.

Pros, cons and head-scratchers: The possible new NHL arena locations in Ottawa

Despite the fact the Ottawa Senators inked a preliminary deal with the National Capital Commission to build a new arena on the western end of LeBreton Flats, there are a number of alternate rink sites being floated around.

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