Opposition leader suspended

Liberal Opposition leader Paul Connolly has been suspended from the legislature for five days.

It follows an outburst Tuesday night in which he overturned his desk in frustration after a number of Liberal resolutions were voted down by the Conservative majority.

He was ordered to leave the chamber and flipped over a chair on the way out.

"I'm still shaking from this incident," said Provincial Treasurer Pat Mella Tuesday night. "Apart from the bombing, I have never seen such a physical action inside the Legislative Assembly."

A bomb went off outside the P.E.I. legislature in April, 1995, injuring one man. The person responsible is now in prison.

In a statement issued shortly after the incident, Connolly said he regrets his action.

"As an MLA for 17 years, I have enormous respect for the Legislature. Again, I regret my actions of Tuesday evening. I should not have allowed by anger at the Government's lack of responsiveness to overwhelm the decorum which must govern our activities as Members of the Legislative Assembly," he said.