Ontario casinos betting on success of craps

It's a roll of the dice for three Casinos in Ontario. On Wednesday, Casino Windsor, Casino Niagara and Casino Rama in Orillia officially opened their first craps tables.

Until now, it's been illegal to play craps in this country, a remnant of a 14th century English law. But this spring, that law was removed from the Criminal Code.

The change has given the Ontario casinos the go-ahead to be the first in the country to offer the game.

Craps is one of the most popular casino games and with players allowed to bet up to $1000 on every roll of the dice, the new addition could mean big money for the casinos-- and the government.

Casino Windsor lobbied particularly hard for the removal of the law banning craps. With the majority of its revenue coming from Americans crossing the border, it was under pressure to compete with three casinos about to open in Detroit. The addition of craps will allow the casino to compete fairly.

"The demand was at such a high pitch," says Ron Barbaro of the Ontario Casino Commission. "But not only that, it keeps us on a level playing field."