One year later, still no arrests in Hayer murder

Tara Singh Hayer, publisher and editor of the Indo-Canadian Times was murdered one year ago. Police still haven't caught the killer.

Earlier this year, the RCMP said it had zeroed in on a suspect in Alberta. Now, they are saying little for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

The suspicion is that Singh Hayer was killed because of his convictions. His editorials and articles enraged some members of the Sikh community.

Ten years before his murder, Hayer was shot at the newspaper's offices. He was left paralyzed but remained undaunted.

"The day journalists start backing out from the truth, that is the last day in journalism's life because we have to stand up against the world."

Hayer's family says the campaign of intimidation is still going on.

His daughter-in-law Isabelle says outlets that carry the Indo-Canadian times are being threatened, so are people who put ads in the paper.