Number of foster parents on the decline

It's getting harder to find foster parents in Southeastern New Brunswick. In the past year only eight new families signed up for the job. That's down by half.

Diane Lutz has been a foster parent for 27 years. Lutz says it's a lifestyle she loves. "Fostering chose me and I was willing and able and I enjoy what I do," she says.

Over the past few years the number of foster families in New Brunswick has been decreasing.

Pauline Desroches, a foster family co-ordinator for Family and Community Services, says there are fewer and fewer people interested in the job. "People are a lot busier today," she says. "Most parents both are working. Most families have children and already they're quite consumed in terms of their own activities."

Diane Lutz says she can understand why people wouldn't take on the job.

"I think it's harder and harder because it's harder to be a parent, period," she says. "It's expensive and I think people are afraid of dealing with the problems that come with the image of fostering."

All things considered, Lutz says there is nothing more rewarding than helping children who need it.