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Young girl's act of kindness brightens 'terrible day'

A young girl from Fall River, N.S., made a big impression Monday on an asphalt sealer who was having a horrible day.

'She didn’t know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon'

Robin McElroy poses with her dog Sooty (Submitted by John McElroy)

A young girl from Fall River, N.S., made a big impression on an asphalt sealer who was having a horrible day on Monday.

Fred Crooks and a co-worker were heading to a job in Fall River when they got into an accident with a septic truck.

Crooks's vehicle was nearly hit, but wasn't. However, the trailer carrying his equipment was smashed by the other truck, scattering debris all over the side of the road.

No one was hurt, but Crooks had to spend four hours on the side of the road while everything was straightened away.

That's when he got a visit from a young girl who lived on the street.

Although no one was seriously injured in the crash, there was plenty of debris at the scene. (Submitted by Fred Crooks)

Kept checking in

"It was a terrible day for me but this little girl was the highlight of my day," said Crooks. "She didn't know me from the bogeyman or the man on the moon."

Crooks says the girl, 11-year-old Robin McElroy, kept checking to see if she could help. She even made some deliveries.

"When she came down the second time this little girl was walking so lightly because she had a glass of cold water and you could tell she was trying hard not to spill it," said Crooks. "She brought down some treats, too, and she turned a bad day into a good day. She was so kind and thoughtful."

Fred Crooks and his daughter Chelsea Crooks wanted to find the little girl who had helped him. (Chelsea Crooks/Facebook)

But during the hot day, while sorting out the accident, Crooks never got the girl's name. He just remembers her walking with two dogs, including a big black standard poodle.

Tried to connect

On Monday evening, Crooks shared the story with his daughter, Chelsea.

She quickly went to Facebook in an attempt to connect with the girl so she could be properly thanked.

Chelsea Crooks said she wanted to reward the act of kindness.

People started sharing and commenting on the Facebook post and Chelsea finally heard from Robin's mother.

"Yes !!! I'm very proud... thank you for your very very kind words.. I had to pull over my car to read it before I start work ... so glad they're both ok 💙 💙"

'I thought the treats could refresh him'

Chelsea Crooks is hoping to arrange a meeting with Robin, who just graduated from elementary school.

"I just want to thank her and maybe give her a nice bouquet of flowers, a thank you card and maybe a gift card of some sort," she said. "I truly feel she needs recognition and that might stick in her mind as she grows up so maybe she'll carry out those acts of kindness in the future."

Robin never thought she was doing anything special.

"It was a hot day and I thought the treats could refresh him," she said. "If I was him I would be in a lot of stress trying to get the tow truck and everything so I thought he could really use someone to help him like that."

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