Nova Scotia

Yarmouth mulls tougher dog rules

Yarmouth could end up with tougher rules for vicious dogs because of Saturday's pit bull attack.

Yarmouth could end up with tougher rules for vicious dogs because of Saturday's pit bull attack.

Coun. Ken Langille said Thursday that municipal staff are reworking the town's dog bylaw, in consultation with RCMP and the SPCA.

RCMP shot and killed a pit bull after it mauled a 45-year-old woman  at an apartment building on Main Street.

The woman remains in stable condition at a Halifax hospital.

Langille said residents want new rules so that police know where aggressive dogs live and why they are there.

He said people also want the dog owners to be required to have liability insurance, if possible.

About 100 people attended a public session on Thursday, and many said they were worried about vicious dogs in the area where the woman was attacked, Langille said.

"People are saying, 'Enough is enough, we have to do something about this,'" he said.

Langille said a new version of the dog bylaw will be presented at a public hearing on April 14.

In the meantime, residents are urged to report any incidents involving vicious dogs directly to the RCMP.

The investigation into Saturday's mauling continues.

On Monday, RCMP said it appeared the attack began in an apartment and continued in the yard.

The owner of the pit bull, Gary Woods, said the woman was a former tenant who knew about the two dogs, but he didn't know why she walked into the apartment.

There are two doors to get into the apartment. A sign on the lower one warns visitors to knock.