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'Part of history': N.S. woman puts iconic Zellers restaurant booth up for sale

Raquel Bristol of Mahone Bay, N.S., is considering selling a booth from the famous family restaurant that was once inside the now-shuttered Zellers in Bayers Lake.

Raquel Bristol bought the booth about 10 years ago when a Halifax-area Zellers shut down

Raquel Bristol has had the Zellers booth under the bay window in her dining room since 2012. (Submitted by Raquel Bristol)

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Canadian cultural history?

Well, this could be your chance.

Raquel Bristol of Mahone Bay, N.S., is considering parting with a booth from the famous family restaurant that was once inside the now-shuttered Zellers in Bayers Lake — if she can find the perfect owner.

"It's just a fun piece to talk about, like when people come over to visit, it's just an entertainment piece," Bristol told CBC Radio's Information Morning Halifax.

Bristol and her husband bought the booth about 10 years ago, when many of the stores across Canada were shutting down — the much-loved restaurant along with it.

She said they purchased the booth because "it's a part of history."

That history includes early morning breakfast at the restaurant with her grandparents as a child — a familiar memory for many Canadians.

She also remembers Zeddy, the store's giant teddy bear mascot, and the birthday parties.

"We grew up going to Zellers ourselves and we just thought it was an awesome piece," she said.

WATCH | See the iconic booth at a Zellers Family Restaurant in Ottawa in 2012:

Zellers Family Diner customer laments closure

9 years ago
Duration 4:16
Lorraine Leblanc talks about what the diner has meant to her and the huge loss it will be to a community of seniors who frequented it. 4:16

Ever since then, the teal blue and cream-coloured booth has been sitting in Bristol's dining room under the bay window. 

Bristol said the decades-old booth is in good condition and is still used daily.

But now, the iconic piece of furniture could be yours.

Bristol posted the booth on Facebook Marketplace for $600, just to see if there would be any interest.

"It's an old piece and we didn't know if anybody else would be interested in it like ourselves, and [there] seems to be tons of interest right now," she said.

She said she's already gotten about a dozen messages from potential buyers, some of which have offered more than the asking price.

Bristol posted the Zellers booth on Facebook Marketplace for $600 on Tuesday. She said as of Friday, she's received about a dozen offers, some of which are over asking price. (Raquel Bristol/Facebook)

One buyer said they were redoing their kitchen and wanted to include the piece of Zellers memorabilia.

Although there's interest, Bristol said she's not sure if she'll be parting ways with the booth just yet.

"We may hold onto it for a little bit longer, but we'll see what people say about it," she said.

She said if she does decide to sell the booth, it will have to go to the right person.

"We want it to stay nice, because it's in really good condition for how old it is."

With files from Janna Graham, CBC Radio’s Information Morning Halifax


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