Nova Scotia

Woman missing in Hammonds Plains found

A 21 year-old woman missing in Hammonds Plains has been found.
Both the RCMP and the Halifax Ground Search and Rescue team were called in to help find the missing woman (Paul Palmeter/CBC)

There was an emotional reunion between a 21-year-old woman who went missing in the Kingswood area of Hammonds Plains Tuesday night and her mother after she was found by search crews early this morning, reports the CBC's Paul Palmeter.

Nine search crews helped locate Leanne Lessard, who was two kilometres in the woods down a logging trail near Ash Lake, around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"I'm eternally grateful for all of the services that we have actually. We are very fortunate," said Lessard's mother Tracey Harris.

Police said she left her home around 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

This is where search crews found Lessard. She was taken to hospital as a precaution.(Paul Palmeter/CBC)

The RCMP, Halifax Ground Search and Rescue teams, and Eastern Shore Ground Search and Rescue were looking for her. Police officers stopped cars in the neighbourhood and showed them pictures of the missing woman.

Lessard built a fire and slept in the woods overnight, said Palmeter. She was taken to the hospital for an examination.

The search was concentrated near a common hiking spot with a trail known as Blue Mountain.