Nova Scotia

Woman dies after crashing into fuel truck

A section of Highway 103 in Nova Scotia was closed on Tuesday afternoon after a car crashed into a tractor trailer carrying 41,000 litres of fuel.
Firefighters douse flames after a tractor trailer carrying fuel collided with a car on Highway 103. (CBC)

A 33-year-old woman is dead after her car crashed into a tractor trailer carrying 41,000 litres of fuel on Tuesday afternoon.

Ronna Goreham of Upper Clyde in Shelburne County was driving a Pontiac Sunfire when the collision happened, said RCMP Sgt. Brigdit Leger. Goreham was taken to Yarmouth Regional Hospital, where she later died.

Leger said it appears the Pontiac Sunfire crossed the centre line and collided with the westbound tractor trailer on Highway 103. The highway remained closed as of 9:30 p.m. AT.

The tractor trailer, with one male occupant, was carrying approximately 32,000 litres of gasoline and 9,000 litres of diesel fuel. The collision occurred at about 2:45 p.m. in Shelburne County.

The 58-year-old male driver of the truck was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Officials with the provincial Environment Department are on the scene assessing a fuel leak.

"The site is still being secured so I am unable to confirm the amount of fuel involved," spokeswoman Karen White said in an email.

"From what we have seen it doesn't appear that any water course or wetlands have been impacted. There are no residential properties nearby."

Leger said the tractor trailer caught fire.

"Our members — at the time — described it as a slow burn," she said.

"It wasn't a massive raging fire or there was no massive explosion."

Highway 103 is closed down between exits 27 and 28 — the Birchtown and Clyde River exits. Traffic is being rerouted through Shore Road, but the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation is warning there is construction on that detour.

Leger said the highway will be closed until further notice.

"We're requesting the motoring public take this into account when you're making your travel plans and if at possible, choose an alternate route," she said.