Nova Scotia

Wolf cubs among new arrivals at C.B. wildlife park

Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Cape Breton is welcoming new arrivals to its family while other parts of the park are receiving a facelift.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park undergoing $200,000 makeover

Timber wolf cubs snuggle for warmth at the Two Rivers Wildlife Park near Marion Bridge. These cubs are the first ones born at the park. (Courtesy Two Rivers Wildlife Park)

Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Cape Breton is sprucing up some of its areas just in time to welcome some new arrivals.

"We're really excited," said Elizabeth Hall, event co-ordinator. "We've got some baby wolves."

The park is also adding elk and peregrine falcons.

The upgrades to the park are in line with some big home improvement projects.

Manager Johnny Huntington has unloaded about 100 rolls of wire that's used to make the animals' enclosures.

The otter enclosure is getting a major overhaul. It will be twice as big as the old one, and the old cracked fiberglass pool will be replaced with concrete.

"It will look good," said Huntington. "It will have a little slide for them and have a little waterfall in the center so they'll enjoy it. A little more natural some rock and that around it."

The $200,000 project is mostly funded by federal and provincial agencies, but the park itself must come up with about a third of the cost itself.

"With this project, and it's needed, we're gonna have to put a real drive on this year," said Huntington.

The hope is that the timber wolf cubs, elk and peregrine falcons will attract more visitors and more donations to pay for the park's upgrades and maintenance.