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Meet Thanh Phung: blogger, pharmacist, mom with a classic winter style

Thanh Phung shares her winter style with fashion writer and stylist Musemo Handahu.

Thanh likes to play around with accessories and patterns

Haligonian Thanh Phung runs the lifestyle blog Love and Sundays. (Kristen Brown and Jane Nicholson for CBC)

Halifax fashion writer and stylist Musemo (Mo) Handahu goes into the homes of some of Nova Scotia's most stylish people to talk winter fashion.

Thanh Phung – pronounced Tawn – wears many hats.

The Halifax woman is a busy mom of two girls, a pharmacist and a lifestyle blogger sharing her classic style and how she navigates life as a millennial mom.

Lifestyle blogger Thanh Phung talks winter fashion in Nova Scotia

4 years ago
Duration 2:03
Halifax lifestyle blogger Thanh Phung talks winter fashion with writer and stylist Musemo (Mo) Handahu.

With an authentic and honest online voice and relatable style, Thanh's a must-check-out fashion inspiration for on-the-go mamas.

Lifestyle blogger Thanh Phung talks winter fashion with writer and stylist Musemo Handahu. (Submitted by Musemo Handahu)

Thanh's winter look is all about layering easy-to-throw-on staple pieces. She takes those up a notch by throwing on cozy textured cardigans, fur stoles and never hesitates to add a little shine through luxe leather jackets.

For brutally cold days, a puffy jacket with a fur-trimmed hoodie adds just the right amount of protection from the elements. Plus, it still fits in really well with her aesthetic.

(Élana Camille for CBC )

Thanh's home is just as classic, boasting warm caramel-toned furniture, neutral textured accents and pops of green intermixed with Scandinavian simplicity.

Born in Vietnam, Thanh's parents moved her and her siblings to Nova Scotia when she was five years old. Her earliest memories are of being bundled up and playing in the snow with her brother and sister.

Now that she has a family of her own, Thanh's passing her love of exploring Nova Scotian winters to her two daughters. She's currently on maternity leave with newborn Aria and her toddler Mía is playing the role of big sis effortlessly and loves catching snowflakes on her tongue!

Not all the winter traditions Thanh's building are outdoors. Her home just happens to be a picturesque backdrop for cooking and baking adventures she takes with her family.

Thanh captures these effortlessly adorable moments and shares them on her blog Love and Sundays. These especially show how she creates moments to connect with her toddler Mía, all while inspiring families to spend more time together.


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Musemo Handahu is multi-faceted fashion creative based in Halifax. As a writer, she has contributed to The Huffington Post and covered fashion weeks in Toronto for Fashion Magazine and in Johannesburg & Cape Town for Essence Magazine.