Murderer William Sandeson wins $700 ruling against ex-roommate for stolen shoes

Sandeson, who killed a fellow Dalhousie University student in 2015, took his former roommate to small claims court over missing items.

Sneakers, homemade wine went missing following police search of Halifax apartment

William Sandeson is shown in 2016 at a preliminary hearing in advance of his first-degree murder trial in Halifax. Sandeson, later convicted on the murder charge, has won a small claims decision against his former roommate. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

William Sandeson was handed a life sentence for first-degree murder last year, but he recently won a small legal battle where he will receive nearly $700.

Sandeson, who killed fellow Dalhousie University student Taylor Samson in 2015, took former roommate Dylan Zinck-Selig to small claims court in Halifax earlier this year.

Police investigators and forensic teams spent several days at the crime scene in the Henry Street apartment Sandeson and Zinck-Selig shared.

Once police completed their investigation at the apartment, members of Sandeson's family went to collect his belongings. The detailed list included 28 pairs of sneakers and 40 bottles of homemade wine.

But 18 pairs of the shoes were missing, along with the wine and five to 10 bottles of hard liquor. Sandeson claimed the missing items were worth $2,500.

In a ruling released Tuesday, small claims adjudicator Eric Slone said Zinck-Selig admitted he took two pairs of sneakers and four bottles of wine. Zinck-Selig said he believed he was entitled as compensation for some of his own belongings that were destroyed during the search.

One item was a large beanbag chair that had been split open, spilling its contents on the apartment floor.

Sandeson has been awarded $500 for the value of the items taken. He is also entitled to process-serving costs, bringing the amount to $699.75.

Sandeson is appealing his first-degree murder conviction and is scheduled to return to court Aug. 1 for a status update.

Samson's body has never been found.