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Here's how to have nature's back on your next camping adventure

Outdoor guide Erinn Drage shares tips on how to be mindful of the natural environment while you're on wilderness adventures.

Outdoor guide Erinn Drage shares tips on how to be mindful of the natural environment while camping

This is the first of a three-part video series on sustainable camping tips. (Claire Fraser for CBC)

Outdoor guide Erinn Drage went wilderness camping with freelance video producers Claire Fraser and Devon Pennick-Reilly. They created these videos for CBC, capturing their adventure and how to be mindful in the wild.

It's hard to beat a good wilderness adventure.

You're hiking through a still space, listening to the peepers and birds. Maybe you even pitch a tent and watch the sunrise.

You come home feeling refreshed and possibly smelling like a campfire. You might be blacking out the memories of the blackflies.

You're a happy camper, but what about the natural environment? Maybe you acted like a terrible house guest.

Low-impact camping is all about location, location, location. Watch this video to find out why. 

Outdoor guide Erinn Drage also has tips for camping coffee, packing up, and what to do when nature calls. 

Drage was born and raised in Halifax, where her love for nature blossomed.

Devon Pennick-Reilly (left), Erinn Drage (middle) and Claire Fraser (right) went hiking on the Bluff Wilderness Trail in the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area in Timberlea, N.S. (Claire Fraser for CBC)

She studied environmental science and now works in protected-areas policy, outdoor recreation and environmental education.

Drage has done work in outdoor education all over the world, including the Arctic and Antarctica.

She's the lead producer on the documentary In the Footsteps of our Ancestors.

Packing is an important step in planning for a low-impact camping trip. (Claire Fraser for CBC)