Nova Scotia

Whole salmon to stay off Sobeys shelves for the weekend

Sobeys announced on Friday that whole salmon will remain off store shelves for the weekend and they will continue with their own investigation.

Grocery chain is continuing with their own investigation

This facebook image prompted Sobeys to pull whole salmon from stores. (CBC)

Whole salmon will stay off the fish counter at Sobeys stores at least through the weekend.

The grocery chain said Friday it is still investigating whether farmed salmon with sea lice were sold at its Maritime stores.

A Facebook picture, allegedly of sea lice found on a farmed salmon purchased from a Sobeys in Truro this week, suggests there's work to be done.

B.C. activist and biologist Alexandra Morton says 10 of 17 whole salmon she purchased at different grocery chains and markets in the Maritimes contained sea lice.

"We are finding lice on the majority of farmed salmon," said Morton. "We don't know where the fish is from."

Sobeys responded Wednesday with a Maritimes wide product recall. Friday the company said they are continuing their investigation and are in touch with their supplier. Sobeys will be in a position next week to say when whole salmon will return to stores.

Sobeys is offering very few details about what it has actually found out. It says it still does not know if any of the fish pulled from its stores were found to be carrying sea lice.

Morton claims the real issue is the chemical used to get rid of sea lice and its impact on the lobster fishery.

The Nova Scotia government regularly monitors for sea lice at fish farms in the province.

"Its not been a serious issue," said Brett Loney of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. "We've had to treat for it once in the past ten years."

The Maritimes largest operator, Cooke Aquaculture, said it believes it was not responsible for the Sobeys incident.