Nova Scotia

Most of Nova Scotia is closed on account of weather. So what's open?

A nor'easter has forced closure of most — but not all — businesses and services in Nova Scotia on Monday.

Most locations assessing closure hour by hour

Due to bad road conditions, many businesses and services in Nova Scotia have closed on Monday. Some, however, are defying the weather by staying open. (Colleen Jones/CBC)

A nor'easter has forced closure of most — but not all — businesses and services in Nova Scotia on Monday.

The storm is expected to dump lots of snow and blow strong winds across the province. In anticipation, most Nova Scotians are hunkering down as police warn roads are not safe to travel. 

But some still had to go to work Monday. Most locations have indicated they're assessing closure hour by hour. As for coffee shops, restaurants and gas stations, it's best to call ahead. 

Some Superstores open

Here's a list of some local services defying the weather. 

  • Atlantic Superstores: Barrington Street in Halifax, Bedford, Lower Sackville, Quinpool Road in Halifax.
  • Gateway Meat Market expected to remain open until around 2 p.m.
  • Mount Pleasant Nursery School, Truro.
  • NovelTea Bookstore Cafe,Truro.
  • ​Cempoal Calavera Negra, Halifax.
  • ​Cortado Tasting Room, Bedford.
  • Walmart in Halifax and Bedford.
  • Hayes Antiques, Halifax.
  • MEC, Halifax
  • Wilson's Home Hardware (until 1 p.m), Barrington Passage