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Meet the teeny-weeny wiener dog with a big online following

There's a wiener dog ranch in Nova Scotia that is getting international attention— for a special pup that is very small, even by tiny dog standards.

Long Long Ranch in Nova Scotia says tiny Ki has followers all over the world

Ki was born a runt, and in the first few months of life, could fit in the palm of your hand. (Instagram/Long Long Ranch)

There's a wiener dog ranch in Nova Scotia that is getting international attention for a special pup that is very small — even by tiny dog standards.

Long Long Ranch, in Hantsport, N.S., has been boarding and breeding dachshunds for the last five years.

But when Ki was born in a litter this April, owners Marcie Clowry and Justin MacDonald knew they had someone extra special.

"He was the runt. He's a pretty special little guy. He's the smallest puppy we've ever had here," Clowry said.

Marcie Clowry shares a snuggle with Ki, the tinier-than-average wiener dog that's become somewhat of an internet celebrity. (CBC/Marina Von Stackelberg)

Ki was so tiny when he was born, he could fit in the palm of your hand.

The ranch already had a following online, but once Ki started showing up in photos, the internet went barking mad.

"He's just been ridiculously cute from Day 1, which we all know goes pretty far on the internet," she said.

Thanks to Ki, Long Long Ranch now has more than 45,000 followers on Instagram.

"Instagram and Facebook have given him many nicknames," Clowry said with a laugh.  "Names like Dobby, Yoda and Spicy Boy.

"He gets really spicy."

While he's gaining weight, Ki still is much smaller than his brothers and sisters and has some difficulties walking around.

"We're hoping he grows out his wobbles a bit," she said.

Clowry says Ki has fans all over the world, including across North America, South America and Europe. Recently, they had people from B.C. come by the ranch just to see him.

But life can be a little bit harder when you're the runt of the litter.

"They're often born smaller and weaker, and can sometimes have developmental delays. We figured he was a runt and we were watching closely. He's a pretty special guy. He has had some developmental delays for sure. But he's growing into himself every day," she said.

"He's happy and healthy. That's all anybody really needs."

His small stature is no match for his big personality and that's why Clowry said he's such a hit online.

"I think people identify with the underdog. Watching him grow up a little bit different than his siblings and having different challenges than them, I think has been really powerful for people," she said.

And unlike the other puppies that are born on the ranch, Ki is here to stay.

"He's kind of turned into a permanent member of the family, but we're very happy to have him."

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