Damaging winds and heavy rains cause flooding and power outages in Nova Scotia

Parts of the Town of Antigonish are under water this afternoon as rain continues to fall in the community.

Some areas could see 60 millimetres of rain, Environment Canada warns of flooding

A park in Antigonish is just one of the areas underwater today as heavy rains cause a local river to spill its banks. (Laurie Boucher)

High winds and heavy rains pounded the province on Monday, flooding streets, damaging buildings and knocking out power in a handful of areas.

The town of Antigonish, N.S., was swamped with heavy rains that caused a river in the town to breach its banks and flood backyards, parking lots and playgrounds. 

The water flowed through parts of the town, including Columbus Field, the area around the St. Andrews Street Bridge and the parking lot behind Main Street, which flooded and froze on Friday, according to Antigonish mayor Laurie Boucher. 

A large parking lot behind Main Street in Antigonish has flooded again. The lot flooded and froze on Friday night as well. (Laurie Boucher)

"Right now the water is from the brook all the way up to the buildings again. You can't get through with a car or any kind of a vehicle," she said. "It's overflowing the bank, coming in through the parking lot and going back out into the brook again in another parking lot down on Church Street."   

The mayor of Antigonish, Laurie Boucher, expects she will get reports about flooded basements in the community throughout the day. (Laurie Boucher)

Town crews were out blocking both foot and passenger traffic to areas that have flooded. They've also contacted people whose homes and businesses may have been at risk. 

Traffic was congested in and around Main Street due to the flooding, said Boucher. Since no cars are allowed in the parking lot behind Main Street, people have to hunt down another place to put their cars. Cars also can't get down Church Street past St. Ninian Street because of the floodwaters. 

The rain in Antigonish is expected to stop late Monday afternoon, but it will take longer for floodwaters to recede. (Laurie Boucher)

Earlier this morning much of the province was under a rainfall warning, with up to 45 millimetres expected. Some areas of eastern Nova Scotia were expecting to see up to 60 millimetres, according to Environment Canada. 

Rainfall warnings were in place for most counties east of Halifax on Monday afternoon, but those warnings were lifted later in the day.

Environment Canada said flooding is possible in low-lying areas and heavy downpours could cause flash flooding or lead to water pooling on roads.

High winds also damaged Nova Scotia Power's overhead equipment, knocking out electricity to more than 3,000 Nova Scotia Power customers.

There were wind warnings in many parts of Nova Scotia on Monday afternoon, with winds gusting to 90 km/h. 

The roof at the Maritime Conservatory of Music in Halifax was damaged by high winds on Monday morning. Shingles and other roofing materials blew off. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Those high winds blew off sections of roof at The Maritime Conservatory of Music on Chebucto Road in Halifax.

People in the area said repairs to the roof were done only a few months ago.