Nova Scotia

Warrants issued for more jury duty no-shows

Sheriffs Deputies are on the hunt for two more Nova Scotians who failed to report for jury duty on Friday.

Justice Glen McDougall says he's 'reached the end of the road' with AWOL jurors

Sheriff's deputies are on the hunt for two more Nova Scotians who failed to report for jury duty on Friday.

The deputies have warrants, and the delinquent jurors are now facing arrest, and possibly even jail.

This is the latest crackdown on AWOL jurors after more than 400 people from the Halifax area were summoned for jury duty last summer, and about a quarter of them failed to show up.  

That angered Justice Glen McDougall, who was presiding over a murder trial in September that needed an extra-large jury pool.  

"I've reached the end of the road with some of these individuals," he said.

McDougall has spent the past several months having court officers track down the missing people and haul them into court to explain themselves.  

Six names were on the list Friday. One was old enough — more than 70 years old — that he was excused from jury duty.  

One has satisfied the judge as to why he didn't appear.  

The two people who didn't bother to appear now have warrants out for their arrest to appear before McDougall.  

"If they have to be remanded until I can find the time to deal with them, then so be it," said the judge.

Two others did come to court on Friday. A young woman admitted she didn't come in last September, but tried to call.  

Justice McDougall didn't accept her explanation, but opted not to fine her.

A man told court he only knew he was being sought when he saw his name on CBC TV.  

He's moved around a lot and so the original summons never reached him in the mail. He was excused.

But McDougall and Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy continue the hunt for delinquent jurors who could face fines, or even be jailed for contempt of court.