Nova Scotia

During Halifax's heat wave, Victoria General Hospital's ICU has a broken air conditioner

The air-conditioning system that serves Victoria General Hospital's intensive care unit isn't working properly, which has led to warm temperatures inside during this week's heat advisory.

A large fan that pushes cool air into the intensive care unit needs repairs

With this week's high temperatures it has been warm in parts of the building. (QEII Health Sciences Centre)

The air-conditioning system in Victoria General Hospital's intensive care unit isn't working properly as the province experiences the summer's first heat wave.

A large fan that's part of the air conditioner, and pushes cool air into the unit, broke last week, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Jill Flinn, director for cancer and palliative care at the hospital, said that a smaller fan has temporarily replaced the larger one, but noted it's been warm in parts of the building. 

​"We've gone through procurement and we'll be obtaining a larger fan in about August," Flinn said.

She said the larger replacement fan they've ordered will take that length of time to arrive because it's not an "off-the-shelf" product and has to be built to specifications.

A heat advisory has been sporadically in effect across the Maritimes since last weekend; temperatures in Halifax on Wednesday reached 32.1 C — the hottest day the municipality has seen in five years. 

Not all units at the hospital have air conditioning.