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Veteran councillors duel for District 8

Two incumbent Halifax councillors who often see eye to eye are going head- to-head for the same seat in the upcoming municipal election.
The number of councillors in Halifax will derease from 23 to 16 in October, forcing two incumbent councillors to face off in District 8. (CBC)

Two incumbent Halifax councillors who often see eye to eye are going head to head for the same seat in the upcoming municipal election.

Under the new municipal boundaries the number of councillors will be cut from 23 to 16 and the boundaries have changed.

Coun. Dawn Sloane has won in the downtown district three times, but now  District 12 will essentially be split in two.

She's now running in the newly formed Peninsula-North-Ward against another incumbent Connaught-Quinpool Coun. Jennifer Watts.

Dawne Sloane is now contending for the newly formed Peninsula North Ward (CBC)


"I'm still going to be Downtown Dawn until the election, but I'm also Northside Sloane," she said.

"It's mixed emotions for 12 years I've been representing and honoured to represent the downtown, And all of a sudden I have to switch gears and look at a different area."

Watts is leaving most of District 14 behind to run against Sloane in District 8.

"It's large and it will certainly be, I think, a bit of a challenge to represent more people," Watts said.

"There's a bit of a loss because I still have relationships and am working with people on issues and projects in that area."

The election is still three months away, but some voters are already upset they have to choose between two veteran councillors.

"You read the Coast every year when they do the round up for the councillors and they're two of the best rated and rightfully so, They're not afraid to stand up for what they believe in," one resident told the CBC.

Jennifer Watts is now running in District 8 against Dawn Sloane. (CBC)


The councillors said the next election will be difficult for them as well.

"It's very sad, I mean Dawn and I often worked on issues together, we have good laughs at council, we've had really good conversations, so it is difficult," Watts said.

"I'm hoping this is going to be a gentlemen's run," Sloane said.

A third candidate, Trent Peacock, has also declared in District 8, and several more are expected to join the race.

Voters will have to choose who will represent their riding on Oct. 20.