Nova Scotia

'Very docile' moose captured after it shuts down neighbourhood

A moose was on the loose near in New Glasgow, N.S., before it was sedated and loaded into a trailer to be taken to woods further away.

Police and DNR tranquillize 340kg animal and remove it to a safer location

The moose wanders through a backyard in New Glasgow Wednesday morning. (Submitted)

Officials have tranquillized and removed a loose moose from a New Glasgow, N.S., neighbourhood. 

New Glasgow police worked with the Department of Natural Resources to tranquillize the animal and move it into a trailer Wednesday shortly before noon. They're moving it to woods further away from the area. 

Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow Police said they got a call about the moose early Wednesday and immediately phoned the Department of Natural Resources. They shut down Chestnut Street while they worked out a plan to remove the animal. 

Lauren Stiles lives in the area and has seen the moose in her yard in recent days. "Just laying there taking a nap," she said. 

It's been in and out of the neighbourhood for a month, she said. "It's the hottest topic in town," she said. "He wasn't too scared of people getting close to him."

She worried people were bothering the moose. "They were seeing how close they could get for a picture. I saw him charge after a couple," she said.

He also charged at her father's truck one day, but didn't make contact. 

Backyard breakfast

Dave Steeves with DNR said the moose looks to be about three years old and likely weighs about 340 kilograms.

"We've got a lone male moose who is basically just hanging around a residential area in the west side of New Glasgow," he said earlier in the day, before it was tranquillized. "He seems comfortable and he seems like he's not spooked."

"He's very docile, just roaming through two or three backyards back and forth and having some breakfast on a few of the bushes. We're observing from a safe distance."