Vernon Ramesar


Vernon Ramesar is a reporter and video and radio journalist originally based in Trinidad. He now lives in Halifax.

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Changes to school day leave some Halifax students stranded

Changes to the school schedule caused by COVID-19 are leaving some students in the Halifax area with abundant free time and no way to get to or from school. 

Many N.S. seniors still have to shell out for high-dose flu shots

Many seniors in Nova Scotia looking for greater protection from the seasonal flu than a regular shot provides will continue to have to pay for it themselves.

Police board to hear case of Halifax couple alleging mistreatment, racial profiling

The case of a Halifax couple who allege they were mistreated by police after being found in a local park after hours will be heard this week. The hearing had been on hold while the Nova Scotia Police Review Board decided if it had jurisdiction after the Halifax Regional Police missed a filing deadline.

DFO must consider fisherman's charter rights in licence fight

Lobster fisherman Dana Robinson has won the right to have his request for an ongoing medical substitute operator reconsidered by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Robinson has a disability that makes it impossible to operate a boat himself.

Longtime mayor who transformed Lunenburg leaves a lasting legacy

David Laurence Mawhinney died at age 79 on September 15. He served as mayor of Lunenburg from 1979 to his retirement in 2012 and was instrumental in the town's UNESCO designation.

How blind Nova Scotians are navigating the strange world of COVID-19

Some blind Nova Scotians say some of the measures put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have been a challenge to navigate.

Gates slowly reopening for larger sporting events

Pandemic measures have made it a tough year for sports fans in Nova Scotia but things are finally starting to look up. Venues are only hosting about 20 per cent of their capacity but fans finally have the option of seeing events in person.

Protesters want long-term care homes to make visits easier

Family members of long-term care residents in Nova Scotia took to the streets of Wolfville on Saturday demanding greater access to their loved ones.

Prospective renters in Halifax get stung in online fraud

Some people moving to Halifax are being fleeced out of thousands of dollars in a rental scam. The victims have been responding to online ads featuring attractive apartments or rooms only to discover the units don't exist.

Small Nova Scotia university towns grapple with big COVID-19 concerns

Nova Scotia's measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are about to be tested by an influx of university students from outside the Atlantic bubble. In the small towns of Wolfville and Antigonish, this is raising concerns about what an outbreak would mean.

Absence of volunteers creates staffing pressures at N.S. nursing homes

Long-term care homes in Nova Scotia have been dealing with the challenge of ensuring their residents get enough mental and physical fun to stay healthy and engaged, while not being allowed to have volunteers work at the facilities.

Advocates worried about possible closure of Truro Sexual Health Centre

The Truro Sexual Health Centre is awaiting a meeting with the Nova Scotia Health Authority on Aug. 4 to determine its future. The centre, an important resource for transgender people, suspended most operations in March because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Tough times for theatre: Neptune cancels 2020-21 season

Neptune Theatre in Halifax has cancelled its 2020-21 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which could threaten a large number of jobs.