Nova Scotia

Halifax vandals damage fire hydrant, leave dozens without water

A joy ride in an excavator damaged a fire hydrant and ended up cutting off water to some people in the Rockingham area of Halifax.

Alarms sounded as sprinkler systems lost water pressure

An excavator sits in a construction site where a nearby fire hydrant was destroyed by vandals Sunday night. Police say the vandals used an excavator to knock over the fire hydrant. (Jean Laroche/CBC)

Vandals caused serious damage in the Rockingham area of Halifax on Sunday night when they smashed a fire hydrant with an excavator cutting off water to several nearby properties.

Halifax Regional Police said it happened around 9 p.m. at the intersection of Wentworth Drive and Eliza Ritchie Crescent.

They were called to the scene after receiving reports of an excavator being operated by several people. When police arrived they found the excavator empty with its bucket resting on a damaged fire hydrant as large volume of water spilled onto the street.

A cracked sidewalk is all that remains of a fire hydrant that was smashed by vandals in an excavator last night. (Jean Laroche/CBC)

Alarms went off in several nearby buildings because there wasn't enough water pressure to run the sprinkler systems. 

Halifax Water managed to control the leak and Halifax Fire and Emergency responded to the sprinkler alarms. 

Police searched the area but weren't able to find the vandals. The suspects were last seen leaving the area in a small, white car.