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Tylor McInnis homicide heartbreaking for anti-violence advocate

RCMP are looking into whether the homicide in North Preston is in any way connected to a number of shooting deaths in the Halifax-area in the spring.

'We keep saying 'rest in peace' and do nothing. But there's a family that is hurting,' says Quentrel Provo

RCMP says Tylor McInnis, 26, of Halifax was found dead in a stolen car this week. (Facebook)

RCMP are looking into whether the death of Tylor McInnis is connected to a string of homicides that shocked people in the Halifax-area in the spring, as one anti-violence advocate says he's fed up with the violence in the city.

"We almost made it through the summer, but it's still another young man dead," said Quentrel Provo, who founded the group Stop the Violence.

"A lot of people are frustrated. People are just frustrated all across Nova Scotia because it's another young person."

Few details

McInnis's body was discovered in the trunk of a stolen car in St. Thomas Baptist Church Cemetery in North Preston, N.S., on Tuesday. Police have released few details, only to say the 26-year-old was the victim of a homicide. 

"I can tell you that at this time, based on the information that we do have, we do not believe this to be a random act," said RCMP Cpl. Dal Hutchinson. 

Quentrel Provo, an anti-violence activist in Halifax, says people are frustrated with the crime in the city. (CBC)

Hutchinson says police don't know about suspects or a motive at this time, but they are looking into whether McInnis's death is connected to any of the four shootings that occurred in the spring.

"That is something that is going to be part of the investigation, and again, as you can appreciate, we are in the early stages now. But yes, it is something we will be looking at to see if there's any connection."

Family grieving

Provo, meanwhile, is wondering when the violence will finally come to an end.

"We continue to say 'rest in peace' and do nothing. But there's a family that is hurting," he said. 

"Everyone's trying to figure out ways to stop this violence, but there's many solutions that have to be created to put an end to this. There's many paths, many steps you have to take. It's not just one thing that's going to change it, and stop it."


Carolyn Ray


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