Twilight co-producer doesn't forget Dartmouth High

A key player in the Twilight movie franchise is offering to help students from his old school in Nova Scotia.

A key player in the Twilight movie franchise hasn't forgotten his roots in Nova Scotia. In fact, he's offering to help students from his old school.

Bill Bannerman went to Dartmouth high school. In 1979, he wrote in his yearbook that he wanted to work in the movie business.

He's been a part of about 50 productions since then, including four of the five Twilight movies.

"There were some fans that would basically rent helicopters and fly overhead trying to shoot photographs of us. There were fans that were walking for miles down railroad tracks," he told CBC News.

"They were pulling out all the stops."

Long before Twilight, the former member of Dartmouth High's film club had to work his way up. His first job in the industry was gardening at a production house.

"I pulled weeds the first day and by the end of the second day I was already on a set working," he said.

Bannerman spoke to students at his former high school last year.

Student Rebecca Wolfe, an aspiring actress, said Bannerman offered to help anyone willing to make their way across the border.

"He said that anyone who could go get themselves down to L.A. and get a green card he would help them get a job if you said, 'Hey, I'm from Dartmouth high school,' and could tell him the secret code word," Wolfe said.

The Twilight series may be over, but Bannerman has another project headed for the big screen. He's a producer on the film, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, out in theatres next year.