Nova Scotia

Truro police ticket two dog walkers for violating emergency measures

Truro police issued summary offence tickets to two women who were running their dogs in a soccer field, which was closed under the Emergency Management Act.

Parks are closed to slow the spread of COVID-19

Truro police responded to a complaint Monday night about two women violating orders under the provincial state of emergency. (Robert Short/CBC)

Police in Truro, N.S., say they have ticketed two women who used a closed soccer field to run their dogs, violating the Emergency Measures Act.

In a news release, the Truro Police Service said they received a complaint about the women on Monday evening.

Officers found them using the field, which had signs posted advising it was closed.

The women, 42 and 26, were both issued summary offence tickets for $697.50. 

The province declared a state of emergency on March 22, sparking the closure of many provincial and municipal parks and trails.

Police did not issue any tickets for several days after the state of emergency came into effect, opting to first educate the public on the new self-isolation and physical distancing orders.

But Premier Stephen McNeil said on Sunday he'd asked the justice minister to order law enforcement to escalate their efforts from education to enforcement.

Police have issued a number of tickets for violations, including to people walking in closed parks.