Nova Scotia

Truckers hauling pulp to Port Hawkesbury mill again

The paper mill in Port Hawkesbury, N.S., is once again receiving a supply of pulp after a standoff last week.

Cape Breton drivers want a better rate

The Port Hawkesbury Paper mill is once again receiving a supply of pulp after a standoff last week between the company and about a dozen truck drivers.

On Wednesday the truckers refused to provide the mill with fibre and the company refused to discuss prices until the supply was restored.

Now the pulp drivers said they’ll keep delivering while they negotiate a better price.

Claude Bourgeois, president of the North Eastern Pulp Truckers Association, said they decided to supply wood again so the mill would not be forced to shut down.

"Then it would have hurt the mill workers, it would have hurt the woodlands, it wouldn’t have made a good situation," said Bourgeois.

He said Port Hawkesbury Paper has withdrawn its threat to take legal action and both sides plan to meet this week.

"On prices they haven't indicated that they have a pocketbook they can open I'll tell you that. You know we will have to plead our case and they'll have to understand and there are issues there that are on the table and, I mean, at some point we have to be happy with what we want," he said.

"Hopefully they will take us seriously enough this time that they will not let this happen again, really."

CBC has been unable to reach anyone from Port Hawkesbury Paper for comment.