Nova Scotia

Troubled historical society may be saved

There may be new hope for the troubled Lake Ainslie historical society in Cape Breton.

There may be new hope for the troubled Lake Ainslie Historical Society in Cape Breton.

The society has been having trouble accessing funds to maintain its historic buildings and attracting new members as its current membership is dwindling as members get older.

The 32-year-old society looks after four buildings, including a home from the 1850s and buildings on its property—a barn, a school and a shed holding historic farm tools.

It also maintains genealogy records, photos, books and artifacts.

Cathy MacLean, president of the society, said 30 people showed up at a meeting Wednesday night to show support for the group.

"We had many people come and speak to us and we had a lot of offers and we felt energized."

MacLean said the society heard lots of new ideas about how to run the site.

The group hopes to get student workers to help run the historic site this summer.