Nova Scotia

Tropical storm making its way toward Nova Scotia

CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin says the storm will pass south of Nova Scotia Tuesday morning, bringing rain through the afternoon and evening.

Weather system is expected to track south of province Tuesday

Tropical storm Claudette may bring heavy downpours to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on Tuesday. (Canadian Hurricane Centre)

Claudette, a tropical storm, may affect Atlantic Canada on Tuesday, bringing rain to some areas.

The storm was considered a depression over the weekend but it regained strength overnight Sunday. It claimed 12 lives Saturday as it passed through Alabama and brought flooding to a number of southern U.S. states.

CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin said the storm was located over South Carolina Monday morning with sustained winds of 65 km/h moving northeast at 41 km/h, a track that would take it south of Nova Scotia Tuesday morning. 

She said there could be 5-15 millimetres of rain late Tuesday afternoon with enhanced rainfall from Guysborough County to Cape Breton Tuesday night, with 10-15 millimetres in those areas. 

By Tuesday evening, Claudette would be post-tropical and continue to lose strength as it headed northeastward.

According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre on Sunday, the system had winds of up to 137 km/h when it passed over northern Florida, but forecasters said it was expected to stay south of Nova Scotia.

The hurricane centre said it was also possible Claudette could weaken into a low-pressure trough by Tuesday. 

It advised that winds up to gale force could occur over southern Canadian waters.