Nova Scotia

Triathlon comes to Dartmouth in July

One of the world's toughest races is coming to Nova Scotia — the Epic Dartmouth triathlon is scheduled for this summer.

One of the world's toughest races is coming to Nova Scotia — the Epic Dartmouth triathlon is scheduled for this summer.

The Dartmouth race is modeled after the official Ironman triathlon, which takes place in Hawaii each October, race director Tim Chesnutt said.

The province's first long-distance triathlon will consist of three separate races, each featuring a 3.8-kilometre swim and a 180-kilometre bicycle race, he said. Competitors can choose to stop there, or to run an additional full or half marathon.

"This will be the largest single-day endurance event that has ever been held in Eastern Canada. And by placing it directly in Dartmouth, we hope to get some exposure for the great triathletes that we've got in this region," Chesnutt said.

Epic Dartmouth will run on July 1.

Chesnutt is hoping to tap into the sport's growing popularity. About 60 people have registered already, and he's hoping for 150.

"We've got a huge number of phenomenal long-distance triathletes here. And it's partially because of our climate, partially because of our topography, and partially because of just a great solid base of swimmers, cyclists and runners," he said.

Chesnutt said the triathlon is less of a race and more of a lifestyle.

"You wind up eating healthier, being healthier, hanging out with friends, going for a run as your activity,instead of going to a bar. It's an addictive type of a lifestyle, but it's a very healthy addiction," he said.  

Until now, Maritimers would have to travel to Quebec or British Columbia in order to compete in an Ironman event. 

Epic Dartmouth is also offering a team event for those who may not want to do all three events.

"If you're a cyclist, go find a swimmer and a runner. If you're a runner, go find a swimmer and a biker. Put together a team, and come join us for this event on July 1," Chesnutt said.