Nova Scotia

Trial starts for woman accused of sex abuse of kids

A trial began Wednesday in Kentville for a Greenwood woman facing 20 sex-related charges involving children.

A trial began Wednesday in Kentville, N.S., for a 34-year-old woman facing 20 sex-related charges involving children.

The charges against Angelina Carrie Vernon, from Greenwood, include sexual assault, abduction, and interference with a child under 16 years of age.

There are several publication bans involved because of the ages of the victims.

A teenage boy testified Wednesday that he snuck out of his house several times late at night with his friends to meet the accused at a nearby location. Vernon would then pick them up and drive them back to her house.

The boy said sometimes they would all watch movies and play games such as truth or dare, with questions and dares generated on an iPod operated by the accused.

The boy also told the court about a runaway note, disagreements with his mother and a romance with a teenage girl.

He was unable to answer some questions during his testimony because he was unsure or couldn't remember details.

At one point Wednesday, the boy said Vernon got irritated with him, chased him and twisted his nipples, leaving him bruised. He said it happened on more than one occasion and to some of his friends.

The trial is expected to take several more days, with up to a dozen witnesses testifying.