Nova Scotia

Trial begins for Antigonish man accused in deadly crash

William Byron Fogarty is accused of killing two teenagers in a head-on collision in November 2011.

Kory Mattie and Nicholas Landry were killed in 2011 collision

The man accused of killing two teenagers in a head-on collision went on trial Monday to face two charges of dangerous driving causing death and two counts of impaired driving causing death.

William Lionel Edmund Byron Fogarty was driving a car that collided with another vehicle on Highway 4 in November 2011. The two teens in the other car, Kory Mattie and Nicholas (Nico) Landry, died.

The trial will determine if Fogarty caused the crash and if so, whether his actions were criminal.

On Monday, the mothers of the two boys arrived at the courthouse in Antigonish to watch the proceedings.

"They say time heals all wounds but nothing's healing yet," said Debbie Green, Kory Mattie's mother. Her son was 16 when he died.

"I want whatever it's going to take for that man to never get behind the wheel of a car again. That's all I want."

Jeannie Landry, Nico Landry's mother, said it's been a long 18 months waiting for the trial to begin.

"It's hard to hear the details and it's hard to see the witnesses up there giving their testimony as well because I know how hard it's been on them, for what they had seen," she told reporters outside the courthouse.

Witnesses take the stand

The first witness was Carl Delorey, a man who was driving home on the highway when Fogarty drove past him.

Delorey called the police because he said Fogarty was crossing the centre line and onto the shoulder.

"I just thought the driver may have been over-tired or drunk," he testified.

A second witness, Brenda Louise Weir, said she was so concerned about Fogarty that she caught up to him, got his licence plate and called 911.

"I just thought he was impaired," Weir said.

A third witness on the stand for the Crown, Wanda Warner, was the first person to arrive at the crash scene.

Warner said Fogarty did not appear to be injured, so she ran down into the ditch to the green Mustang the boys were in.

"I knew Kory was gone," Warner said. She testified she tried to rouse Landry. She said she stayed with the 17-year-old, talking to him until help arrived.

At one point, she shouted that one boy was dead. Warner told the court she overheard Fogarty on the phone to his mother, saying: "Mom, I just killed a kid."

Warner said she confronted the driver and asked him what happened. She said Fogarty told her he crossed over the centre line.

Warner testified she thought Fogarty was stoned at the time of the crash, but she later admitted under cross-examination that she couldn't tell the difference between being stoned and being in shock.

The trial is scheduled to last eight days.