Former MLA Trevor Zinck was never missing, say Halifax police

Halifax Regional Police received a missing person report, but later learned from family that he was "alive and well" and was never missing.

Police received missing person report, later learned he is 'alive and well'

Halifax Regional Police now say that former MLA Trevor Zinck was never missing.

On Friday, police issued a press release asking for the public's help to locate Zinck, who was reportedly last seen about a month ago in Dartmouth, N.S.

Later that evening, police released a second statement saying he had been located and "all is in order."

On Saturday, Staff Sgt. Mike Willett said while someone — not a family member — had called in the missing person report, a family member confirmed to police on Friday that he was "alive and well."

Willett said there is "no cause for concern."

Investigation followed police protocol

Any time someone calls police with a concern, police have a responsibility to follow up, Willett said.

"No one failed to follow proper procedure or protocol," he said.

Willett said investigators from the missing persons unit will follow up on the report on Monday.

Zinck, who was the NDP MLA for Dartmouth North beginning in 2006, was kicked out of the NDP caucus in 2010 after allegations of financial irregularities surfaced. He sat as an independent MLA until he resigned in June 2013.

He was found guilty in October 2013 of defrauding the provincial government and sentenced to four months in jail.

Zinck was also charged with drunk driving that month. He was found guilty of impaired driving in 2015 and fined $1,000.