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The Canadian Dream: Recruiters sell Nova Scotia to U.K. doctors

With Nova Scotia clamouring for new doctors, the BMJ Career Fair in London, England, is a significant opportunity to lure doctors across the ocean. CBC News followed the recruiting team to see their efforts first-hand.

CBC Nova Scotia hosted health forums in Sydney, Halifax, Yarmouth

Over the month of February, CBC took an in-depth look at Nova Scotia’s doctor shortage — how we got here and how to fix it.
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They might not be doctors, but these health-care professionals say they could be doing more

As the Nova Scotia government tries to find ways to attract and retain more doctors, other health professionals say they could be doing more to ease the workloads of physicians and broaden patients' access to services — they just need the opportunity.

Nova Scotia doctor losses snowballing each year, figures show

A CBC News analysis has found Nova Scotia doctors are leaving for other provinces at an accelerating pace, and stemming the outflow could cost tens of millions in salary increases.

Nova Scotia announces new immigration stream for doctors

Nova Scotia is starting a new immigration stream for doctors looking to come to the province, but it only applies to doctors who can already work here.

'All hands on deck': Nova Scotia's new physician recruiters playing catch-up

For five years in a row, Nova Scotia has seen more doctors leave than arrive. The pressure is on for a newly hired recruiting team to turn the loss into a positive, but the team has work to do to catch up with the rest of the country.

Does every community need every health-care service?

As part of The Search, CBC hosted public forums in three communities to talk about health care. The last of those forums was Wednesday night, in Yarmouth, and asked the question: Does every community need to have every health-care service?
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What Nova Scotia can learn from a B.C. community's red carpet recruitment efforts

Recruiters in B.C. have managed to do something Nova Scotia has not: increase the number of doctors in the province.
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This Ontario town is home to 8,000 residents — and 18 family doctors

From matchmaking to babysitting, the physician recruiter in Goderich, Ont., went to elaborate lengths to convince doctors to move to the small town.
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What Nova Scotia doctor recruiters can learn from B.C. as they target the U.K.

Dr. Simon Bonnington is touted as Nova Scotia's ideal recruit. But he says if he wasn't so determined to live in Nova Scotia, even he might have given up on the 'fiendishly difficult' process to work here.

How a unique approach to health care is helping patients with chronic conditions

The Hants Health and Wellness Team in Windsor, N.S. takes a holistic approach to treating patients and empowers them to be involved in their own care.
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A clinic that opened in 1971 is the future of Nova Scotia health care

The North End Community Health Centre in Halifax uses equality, not hierarchy to treat patients. Doctors work in a team with nurses, a social worker and a nutritionist.

Young doctor using Facebook to recruit colleagues to rural Cape Breton

A family doctor in Neils Harbour in northern Cape Breton has posted a Facebook message to her former fellow med school and residency colleagues, hoping some of them will come and work in her community.

Are politicians hurting health care?

As part of The Search, CBC is hosting public forums in three communities to talk about health care. Tuesday's forum was in Halifax and asked the question: Are politicians hurting health care?

Rural family medicine program draws residents for study — and keeps some, too

Dalhousie University's South West Nova teaching site focuses on getting family medicine residents practising in rural communities, with an added bonus of acting as a recruiting tool for those communities.

Helped along by dried fish, a rural community found its way on health care

When the Municipality of Clare was confronted with a doctor crisis in 2003, it took charge of its own destiny. The community financed a new medical clinic and took a hyper-local approach to cultivating future doctors.
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Nova Scotia moves to resurrect foreign-doctor program in face of physician shortages

Internationally trained physicians currently have no route to work in Nova Scotia, but a report that recommends bringing back a program that tests their skills is now in the hands of the provincial government.

Poor communication will stifle progress on health care

If one thing is clear in talking with people who have had success improving the health-care system for their communities, it’s how crucial good communication is to the effort.
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From the U.K. to rural Nova Scotia: why one doctor says the low pay is worth it

When it comes to the medical system, there's a long list of reasons why doctors don't want to set up practice in Nova Scotia: the low pay, the politics, the expense. Despite that, one doctor from England says moving to the province was the best decision he ever made.

Does every Nova Scotian really need a family doctor?

CBC Nova Scotia is taking an in-depth look at the province's doctor shortage, analyzing how it emerged, what's being done to try to fix it and what can be learned from other parts of the country facing a similar challenge.
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'Why would you come?' Nova Scotia family doctors the worst paid in the country

As Nova Scotia struggles to recruit and retain family doctors, it continues to pay those already here less than their counterparts elsewhere in Canada. Is it time to change the compensation model?
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This doctor is 71 with retirement on the mind. But there's no one to replace him

More than half of family physicians in Nova Scotia are over the age of 50. Dr. Ken Murray in Neils Harbour is one of them, his story indicative of the doctor-shortage problem facing the province.

Retention efforts crucial in 'fragile' physician environment, says doctors group

Doctors Nova Scotia says it's giving credit to the Nova Scotia Health Authority and Health Department for ongoing doctor recruitment efforts, but tackling the shortage will continue to be an uphill battle unless more attention is paid to retaining current physicians.

40% of Dartmouth family physicians to retire in 5 years

Officials from the Health Department, Nova Scotia Health Authority and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia were questioned Wednesday at the legislature about doctor-recruitment efforts.

Nova Scotia doctor shortage plan hampered by poor communications, says AG

The Nova Scotia government has a plan to try to deal with the shortage of doctors in the province but is doing a poor job of communicating it, according to Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup.