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Jamie Baillie: 'I'm fully charged and ready to go'

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says he is happy to continue to lead his new 17-member caucus, but won't commit to the job in the long term.

3 defeated Nova Scotia candidates seek vote recount

Two Tories and one New Democrat have filed for a judicial recount.

Cabinet minister blames election loss on NDP 'puppies and rainbows' promise

The former Nova Scotia Liberal community services minister and MLA for Dartmouth North is blaming her election defeat Tuesday, in part, what she calls "false hope" offered by the NDP.

Nova Scotia teachers 'worried about the next 4 years' under Liberals, says union

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union says its members were "very engaged" in the provincial election and will continue to watch how the Liberals move forward with promised education reforms.

'Honestly, I don't get it': Nova Scotia voter turnout drops to record low

Just 53.55 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot in Tuesday's provincial election, according to numbers from Elections Nova Scotia, down nearly five percentage points from 2013.

Speaking to the candidate who won in the biggest upset of the election

The successful candidate who replaced a Liberal cabinet minister in the biggest upset of the Nova Scotia election said the race could have gone either way.


Liberals score back-to-back majorities in Nova Scotia nail-biter

Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have scored their second-straight majority government following a long night of close races, CBC News projects.

'A message for all of us': McNeil sober about loss of seats amid win

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil says his government will stick with the budget it laid out days before calling the provincial election.

Tories paint Cape Breton blue, with slivers of Liberals and NDP

Cape Breton turned blue overnight as a number of Liberals lost their seats and others squeaked by, beating their rivals by a small percentage of votes.

A leader wins, a cabinet minister loses: How Halifax-area candidates fared

NDP Leader Gary Burrill has won his riding, while a Liberal cabinet minister has been defeated in Dartmouth and the Tories have made a push in several Halifax-area ridings.

Women to make up one-third of Nova Scotia Legislature

Women will make up a slightly higher percentage of MLAs in the legislature once Tuesday's successful political candidates are sworn in.

How Stephen McNeil's Liberals won a slim majority government

PCs beat the poll predictions, making gains along with the NDP, but not enough to prevent the Liberals from being re-elected with a majority government.

High-profile Liberal cabinet ministers Samson, Bernard lose ridings

Rookie PC candidate Alana Paon wins Cape Breton-Richmond, NDP's Susan Leblanc wins Dartmouth North.

If public school students decided the election, Jamie Baillie would be premier

The votes are in from more than 18,000 Nova Scotia public school students who voted in a mock election today, and they've decided to hand Jamie Baillie's Progressive Conservatives a minority government.

Who won in your riding? See the list of elected MLAs

These results are based on numbers provided by Elections Nova Scotia.

Why one group says Nova Scotia needs a minimum guaranteed income system

Basic Income Nova Scotia is urging provincial political parties to commit during the election campaign to launching a feasibility study on implementing a minimum guaranteed income system in the province.

'That's just ignorance': Racist graffiti sprayed on North Preston election signs

Someone sprayed racist graffiti on provincial election signs in North Preston, one of Nova Scotia's oldest black communities.

Polls open in Nova Scotia: What you need to know to vote

Here is how to cast your ballot wherever you are in the province.

Poll Tracker: 2017 Nova Scotia election

Vote and seat projections from Éric Grenier for the upcoming Nova Scotia provincial election.

Why Nova Scotia's elections are held on Tuesdays

The Elections Act says elections must be held on Tuesdays, but the reason why is more complicated than that.

5 things that will determine the fate of Nova Scotia's election today

After a month of promises, platforms, debates and attack ads, provincial politicians are putting their futures in the hands of Nova Scotia voters. As people make last-minute trips to the ballot box, here are five storylines worth watching as we await the final numbers.

Liberals and PCs target message to strategic voters

The leaders of the Liberal and PC parties appealed to Nova Scotians on the eve of the provincial election to vote strategically.

Nova Scotia leaders reveal favourites: hamburgers, The Simpsons and fiddle tunes

Political differences aside, Nova Scotia's major party leaders can find common ground on a few fronts: They all enjoy political non-fiction, locally tailored suits and the province's beaches.

Liberals likely on track for re-election, but can they secure another majority?

With only hours to go before the polls open, public opinion polls suggest the Liberals are the favourites to win. But some uncertainty remains in what the outcome might be.

Confidence abounds as party leaders near the finish line

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil, Tory Leader Jamie Baillie and NDP Leader Gary Burrill each started their day in districts held by other parties where their message was the same: each was on the path to victory.