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Daughter of Halifax Explosion survivor wants greater role for families at service

The daughter of a survivor of the Halifax Explosion says families touched by the tragedy need a greater role in the city's memorial service. Marilyn Elliott's father, Eric Davidson, was blinded when he was two years old from the blast that rocked Halifax on Dec. 6 1917.

Nova Scotia repairing only ship still afloat to survive Halifax Explosion

The Nova Scotia government says it is repairing CSS Acadia, which is a national historic site, served during both world wars and is the only ship to have survived the Halifax explosion and remain afloat today.

How one P.E.I. woman led a group of 70 nurses in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion

Thursday marks 101 years since the Halifax explosion took place in which more than 2,000 people died. Thousands more were injured and left homeless.

How the Halifax Explosion helped birth Canada's largest independent brewery

The Halifax Explosion wiped out the Army & Navy Brewery in Turtle Grove, killing seven employees, including brewmaster Conrad G. Oland, and set in place a chain of events that led to the creation of Moosehead Breweries.

Did German PoWs help rebuild Halifax after the 1917 explosion?

Growing up, the Halifax Explosion was a popular topic of conversation for Christopher Borgal and his extended family at Christmastime, including the recollection that German POWs helped tarp a section of the family home damaged by the deadly 1917 disaster.

With survivors' voices silent, the Halifax Explosion is now a second-hand story

Thursday will mark 101 years since two wartime ships collided in Halifax harbour, sparking a fiery blast that obliterated a large section of the waterfront city and killed almost 2,000 people.

Bygone days: Islanders remember the Halifax Explosion

Dec. 6 is the anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, 101 years ago. Many Islanders were part of the relief effort that ensued, and told P.E.I. historian Dutch Thompson their view of the tragedy.

Actor Rob Lowe criticized over jokes about Halifax Explosion

Actor Rob Lowe's jokes about the Halifax Explosion during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live have drawn the ire of an Explosion researcher and author who says he should get his facts straight before talking about the famous 1917 blast that killed almost 2,000 people, wounded 9,000 and left 25,000 homeless.

Rob Lowe and Jimmy Kimmel enjoy a laugh about the Halifax Explosion

Actor Rob Lowe has declared himself "obsessed" with the Halifax Explosion, telling late-night host Jimmy Kimmel he successfully had his character in a new movie named for the deadly blast.

Proposed 'Explosions' name for Halifax CFL team touches off debate online

A fan art group that supports a bid for a CFL team in Halifax touched off a fiery debate online when it proposed naming the team after one of the country's greatest Maritime disasters.

Christmas after the Halifax Explosion saw Nova Scotians rally around the children

Their city in ruins, survivors of the Halifax Explosion considered a big question as Christmas approached in 1917: Should they celebrate the holiday at all?

From The Ashes: Halifax Explosion — 100 years later

A century after the devastating blast, this special tells the stories of how the event shaped and continues to impact the city.

Colourized photos of the Halifax Explosion's aftermath

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, CBC Nova Scotia colourized several photos depicting life in the city after the 1917 disaster.

Hundreds gather and ship horns sound at 9:04 a.m. to mark Halifax Explosion

Drenching rain was not enough to keep hundreds of people from gathering in the Halifax's north end this morning to mark the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

Mi'kmaw playwright recounts family's Halifax Explosion story from 'nearly forgotten' Turtle Grove

A Mi'kmaw playwright is 'picking up the pieces' of her family's history 100 years after their traditional Mi'kmaq community faced the full force of the Halifax Explosion.

Halifax Explosion at 100: A devastating disaster that left a lasting mark

Ten decades ago, Halifax's great harbour sloshed itself against the shores as the city awoke for another war day.

The only ship still afloat that survived the Halifax Explosion is rusting away

Known as the "Grand Old Lady" of Halifax harbour, the Acadia served in both world wars and survived the Halifax Explosion. But corrosion, leaky decks and marine growth on its hull are eroding it.

Halifax Explosion exhibit lacks stories about African-Nova Scotians

African-Nova Scotians are questioning why a Halifax Explosion exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax lacks stories about black victims.

90-year-old man shares father's secret grief over Halifax Explosion

Arthur Moxon had no idea until after his father's death in 1953 that he'd lost a wife, four children, his parents and a sister-in-law in the Dec. 6, 1917, Halifax Explosion.

Why a nasty snowstorm following the Halifax Explosion came as a surprise

The day after the explosion, a major snowstorm dumped about 40 centimetres of snow on the levelled city.

Memorial held for orphaned children who died in Halifax Explosion

A memorial service was held Sunday to remember young victims of the the Halifax Explosion who lived at the Protestant Orphanage at the time of the blast.

A look at 1917's post-explosion snowstorm

On the morning of Dec. 7, 1917, snow began to fall on the ruins of Halifax.

Destitute, unemployed and an impostor: My family's journey after the Halifax Explosion

CBC reporter Carolyn Ray has always known her family lost everything in the Halifax Explosion, but it wasn't until she started researching it that she realized how dramatically it changed her family's future.

The 'ordinary man' who died for strangers when Mont-Blanc exploded

Faced with a choice to run for safety or risk his life to save people bound for Halifax, the dispatcher put others first.

Piano that survived Halifax Explosion still bears scars

The refinished piano has been in Lois Miller's family for a hundred years. Her grandfather bought it in the new year following the explosion and there are still dents along the side of it where thousands of glass shards pierced it.

How a high school is using glass shards to remember the Halifax Explosion

Some students at a Bedford, N.S., high school are using glass shards as a way of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

Even more people would likely die if the 1917 Halifax Explosion occurred today

About 2,000 people were killed as a result of the Dec. 6, 1917, blast that flattened parts of the city. A civil engineer says even more would likely die if such an explosion occurred today.

Is a mystery shipwreck connected to the Halifax Explosion?

For years, researchers have been baffled by a shipwreck at the bottom of Halifax harbour. Not even the schooner's name is known. But one marine geologist believes it was sunk in the Halifax Explosion.

This firefighter was metres from the Mont-Blanc when it exploded. He survived

'I guess there wasn’t room in hell for me,' said pumper driver Billy Wells, who somehow survived the Halifax Explosion.

A troubling reality of the Halifax Explosion relief effort — racism

The relief effort following the Halifax Explosion has become ingrained in the story of the tragedy, but one little-explored aspect of the Dec. 6, 1917 disaster is the role race played in how support was distributed in the aftermath.

Experience the sights and sounds of the Halifax Explosion, 100 years later

CBC News has produced a 360° interactive experience capturing the events leading up to the devastating 1917 blast — and what happened right after.

Halifax Explosion quilt captures fragments of city torn apart

Textile artist Laurie Swim has spent the past four years creating a quilt like none you've ever seen that illustrates how the explosion devastated Halifax 100 years ago.

Viola Desmond's sister recounts family's Halifax Explosion experiences

Desmond was sitting in her high chair in front of the window when the glass fell in. 'Oh dear Lord, the child is dead,' Desmond's father reportedly said after the blast.

Hundreds gather to watch Christmas tree for Boston send-off

About 300 people gathered at the Halifax's blustery Grand Parade square on Friday for an annual tradition: the official send-off for a huge Christmas tree destined for Boston.

Halifax Explosion stamp captures moment after ships collided

Canada Post has unveiled a new stamp designed by a Halifax firm that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

How braille, screen readers and other technology changed the world for blind readers

The Halifax Explosion levelled much of the city, but it also publicized the need for new tools so that those with vision loss could read and communicate through writing.

Hope amid the rubble: How the disastrous Halifax Explosion sparked reform

Experts are gathering Wednesday for discussions that include a little-known aftereffect of the disastrous Halifax Explosion — it sparked a burst of health reforms that saved many hundreds of lives.

Children's books tell of bravery, kindness after Halifax Explosion

A fresh generation of children's books is finding the grace in Halifax's worst moment — a massive explosion that levelled much of the city 100 years ago but inspired acts of kindness that still resonate.

'Evocative' Halifax Explosion markers to be installed around city

The markers are part of a bigger project commemorating what is described as the worst man-made disaster in Canadian history.

A century after it documented the Halifax Explosion, a sailor's diary returns

Frank Baker's diary, handwritten between October 1917 and January 1918, chronicles his experience working on a patrol vessel in Halifax harbour.

Halifax Explosion committee to decide on contents of new time capsule

A new time capsule for the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion will replace one hidden away in 1985.

Time capsule to be 'a snapshot' of the Halifax Explosion

Ninety-nine years after the Halifax Explosion, with "virtually no survivors left," historian Janet Kitz wants people to bring forward their stories about the wartime accident that changed the city forever.

Halifax Explosion victims honoured in Braille scroll

Laurie Swim, originally from Lockeport, N.S., says volunteers hand stitched beads for each known person killed in the 1917 blast.

Marking a tragedy

A new generation has found a new way to mark the anniversary of the Halifax explosion.

Students win film award

Students in a Halifax school have won a prize for their film about the Halifax Explosion