Nova Scotia

Top QMJHL pick snubs Cape Breton because of schooling

Nick Roy said his son will not play for the team because he is worried about the education system.

Cape Breton's Screaming Eagles had first pick at the QMJHL draft this year, but Nicolas Roy’s father said his son won't play for the team because he’s worried about the education system. 

The Eagles picked the 16-year-old forward, saying he's the best player available.

His parents, both teachers, said their son would not do well studying by correspondence and they worry about his academic performance.

"For us it's better to go to the U.S.A. because we are about two hours from U.S.A. The school is better, the program is better. They have six or ten students by teacher," said his father Nick Roy.

The Eagles maintain they have a strong academic and player development program. The team said it will do whatever it takes to bring Roy to Cape Breton.

"We have three academic advisors. These guys do a fantastic job to service our players and there are not a lot of teams that offer that," said general manager and coach Marc Andre Dumont.

"This is the third team I have worked for and definitely the academic aspect of it is a definite A plus."

The Roys said their stance is firm.

"The first time they spoke to us not too long ago, and they called us another time. Three times we said no, it's impossible for us," said Roy.

The Eagle's training camp starts in August.