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Toilet enthusiast documents the most interesting washrooms in the Maritimes

Dan Schaumann understands if people find what he does to be strange or eccentric, but he says it's a fun photography project.

From license plates to chalkboards, these bathrooms have it all

Dan Schaumann's work on toilets has been featured in Lonely Planet travel guides. (Dan Schaumann)

An Instagrammer known for documenting the world's most interesting washrooms is turning his attention to some of the most noteworthy toilets in the Maritimes.

Dan Schaumann runs an Instagram account and blog called Toilography. His work has been featured in Toilets, a book from travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

His top toilet from his recent trip through P.E.I. and Nova Scotia was at the Point Prim Chowder House in Belfast, P.E.I. 

"Above the men's toilet, they had a bunch of license plates from all around North America ... and it was really quite an interesting and different type of thing. I've never actually seen license plates on a washroom before," said Schaumann.

A view of the Point Prim Chowder Houses's man's room in Belfast, P.E.I. (Dan Schaumann/Toilography/Instagram)

Schaumann, who is based in Toronto, said he finds out about must-see toilets from tips sent to him from locals on sites like Reddit.

In Nova Scotia, he made a point of visiting Halifax's Your Father's Mustache pub. That washroom features three life-size photos of women staring at the urinal user.

"They're in a position that they actually kind of look down at you at you're standing there kind of doing your business and I thought that was quite something else," said Schaumann. 

Schaumann said he has never seen a washroom like this one at Your Father's Moustache before. (Dan Schaumann/Toilography/Instagram)

Another spot Schaumann documented in Halifax was Lion and Bright's washroom, which has a chalkboard.

"People would write witty comments and things inside the washroom there, which was kind of entertaining," he said.

This is what men see before entering the washroom at the The Townhouse Brewpub in Antigonish. (Dan Schaumann/Toilography/Instagram)

Schaumann understands if people find what he does to be strange or eccentric, but he says it's a fun photography project.

"In a way it's a bit of an art project, a bit of a social commentary on what people graffiti on the walls and what people do to make their washrooms stand out from the rest," he said.

Schaumann says he plans to visit Washington, D.C., next.


Anjuli Patil


Anjuli Patil is a reporter and occasional video journalist with CBC Nova Scotia's digital team.