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Order up! Two triple-triples and a wedding: Couple gets married at Tim Hortons

Meranda and Tom Robicheau of Belleville, N.S., shared their first date at a Tim Hortons, so it only made sense to tie the knot there too.

'Nobody that I know of has gotten married at Tim Hortons and I wanted something different,' says bride

Tom and Meranda Robicheau had their first date at a Yarmouth Tim Hortons two years ago. (Gina Muise)

It's a love affair that began over triple-triples.

So it only made sense that Meranda and Tom Robicheau of Belleville, N.S., would say "I do" at their favourite Canadian coffee chain. 

The couple's wedding at a Yarmouth Tim Hortons on Sept. 16 had all the trimmings of a typical ceremony.

But there were a few key, coffee-themed additions.

The wedding party posed for photos with a giant coffee cup mascot, and after the ceremony, staff promptly handed the bride and groom their usual drink orders.

Meranda Robicheau says she wanted a wedding that was unique. (Gina Muise)

The newlyweds even rode off in a 1966 Mustang trailed by Tim Hortons coffee cups.

"Everybody gets married at a church or a backyard or at a beach," said Meranda, who works at the location as a baker. "Well, nobody that I know of has gotten married at Tim Hortons and I wanted something different." 

She came up with the idea during a late-night shift with a co-worker. When she told her then-fiance Tom, he admits "my face got a funny look, but then I just thought about it and said, 'You know what? That's a good idea.'"

Tom and Meranda Robicheau rode away from the ceremony in a 1966 Mustang trailed by Tim Hortons cups instead of cans. (Gina Muise )

The store's owner was on board, and after that everything fell into place.

The Tim Hortons off Main Street shares the building with a Wendy's, and as vows were shared, partygoers mixed with patrons.

"Everybody just stopped, and I mean including drive-thru, and everybody wanted to see," said Tom. 

The Tim Hortons location near Yarmouth's Main Street was the perfect location, says Meranda, who works there as a baker. (Gina Muise)

The unique location also meant Meranda's co-workers, who had to work that day, could take part in the festivities.

"When I walked in my eyes got big because I was shocked how many people showed up," said Meranda. "There were a bunch of people that we knew, but there was also a lot of people that we didn't know."

The couple had their first date two years ago at a different Tim Hortons in Yarmouth. 

While they share a love of motorcycles and vintage cars, they soon realized there's one major difference between them: Tom drinks coffee and Meranda tea. 

During the ceremony, Tim Hortons' patrons still waited in line for coffee and doughnuts. (Gina Muise )

They didn't let that come between them.

"It was amazing, always laughing, always joking," said Meranda of their first date. "He ordered his triple-triple coffee and I had my triple-triple tea."

The coffee chain continues to play an important part in the couple's lives. They spend most evenings there with friends. 

"Everybody I talk to says it's awesome," said Tom. "It's a Canadian thing."

Tom and Meranda Robicheau and the wedding party pose for photos with the Tim Hortons mascot after the ceremony. (Gina Muise)


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