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Terence Bay Lighthouse Committee wants boardwalk

The Terence Bay lighthouse is in need of serious repairs but before that can happen, the committee looking after it says the first priority is constructing a right of way boardwalk.

The structure 'symbolizes the resilience of a community' says lighthouse committee member

The Terence Bay lighthouse was built in 1903. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

As the Terence Bay Lighthouse Committee waits to receive the deed of the structure, the members are starting to talk about building a right of way boardwalk to the lighthouse so it can be repaired.

"There's a swamp and between that path and the lighthouse, that's where the new official right of way is going to be," said Pam Corell who serves on the lighthouse committee. 

"To build this thing we have to get provincial approval through because there's wetland regulations."

Boardwalk first, then repairs

Pam Corell with the Terence Bay Lighthouse society says it's been a several years since the community patched up a hole on the back of the lighthouse. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

The lighthouse was built in 1903 in the small community and requires significant repairs. The federal government declared the lighthouse surplus in 2010 and the community located about a half hour drive outside Halifax has been working to save it for years. 

The boardwalk needs to be constructed first so a crew can go back and forth without trespassing on private property.

"It's been several years now since the community kind of did a guerrilla patch job because there's a hole in the back. That got patched but now the patch is starting to wear and there's a couple of small holes. The roof is really soft."

'Uphill battle'

Corell says the boardwalk will allow the public to enjoy the Terence Bay lighthouse. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Corell estimates the cost to fix the lighthouse is around $50,000. That doesn't take into account the amount needed to build the boardwalk.

She says the lighthouse committee is working to get money together for the project.

"I suspect there's going to be some more possible legal things with the landowners. It's an uphill battle for sure but our goal is eventually the public will have a designated path that they can safely walk over and enjoy the lighthouse."

Community symbol

The Terence Bay lighthouse 'symbolizes the resilience of a community,' says Pam Corell with the lighthouse committee. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Corell says the lighthouse "symbolizes the resilience of a community." She says the lighthouse committee will hold its annual general meeting Monday night at the Terence Bay Fire Hall.

"[Terence Bay] used to be more of a self contained, self sufficient community whereas now it's almost like a suburb of Halifax," she said.

"This community has changed so much over time ... they don't want the lighthouse to go the way of all the other things that have been taken out of the community. There used to be shops here, there used to be a post office, there used to be a fishing plant."

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