Team Nova Scotia paddlers take another 8 medals at Canada Games

Team Nova Scotia had another strong showing in paddling events at the Canada Games in Winnipeg on Thursday.

Day's haul includes 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze

Members of Team Nova Scotia's paddling squad pose for a photo on Thursday. (Team Nova Scotia)

Team Nova Scotia took home another eight paddling medals on Thursday at the Canada Games in Winnipeg.

The team reached the podium in eight out of ten paddling races in the day's competitions, with three gold, four silver and one bronze.

So far, Bluenose athletes have made the podium in 23 out of 26 paddling races.

Thursday's haul included a gold for Connor Fitzpatrick, Bret Himmelman, James MacPhee and Matt Peachey in the IC-4 1000 metre event, as well as a gold for Olivia Denman, Jessica Hogg, Grace Webby and Anna Negulic in the K-4 200-metre. Webby also earned gold in the women's K-1 200-metre.

Paul LaPierre and Mark Marschalko brought home the silver in men's K-2 200-metre as did Ashley Card paddling with Denman, Negulic and Webby in the K-4 500-metre.

Robert Laureijs and Jacob Steele were able to hold off Team Ontario to clinch the silver in the the K-2 500-metre and Fitzpatrick won silver in the men's 200m C-1.

Ava Carew and Nicole Jessop finished third in the women's C-2 500-metre.

The latest medal count can be found on Team Nova Scotia's website.

On Tuesday, Nova Scotia's paddlers team took home eight medals, adding to a seven-medal haul from Monday.

The Games wrap up with a final day of competition set for Friday.