Nova Scotia

Team Canada wins gold at World Senior Curling Championships

Canada is on top of the curling world again as a senior women's team from Nova Scotia beat Switzerland in the gold medal final Saturday.

Team Canada went undefeated throughout the tournament in Lethbridge, Alta.

Colleen Jones and Nancy Delahunt celebrate their win over Scotland, which landed Team Canada in the gold medal game. (Curling Canada/Twitter)

Canada is on top of the curling world again as a senior women's team from Nova Scotia beat Switzerland in the gold medal final Saturday at the World Senior Curling Championships in Lethbridge, Alta.

The rink of Colleen Jones, Nancy Delahunt, Mary Sue Radford and Kim Kelly went undefeated throughout the tournament.

The Halifax-based team won all seven of its matches during the round robin, and then knocked out Scotland in the semifinals.

The 57-year-old Jones, who is a reporter with CBC Nova Scotia, was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame last year.

'Winning is winning'

She had won two previous world championships, but she doesn't pick favourites.

"Winning is winning, and whenever you win something this big the euphoria is the exact same," she said in a post-match interview with Curling Canada. "If you could bottle it, you'd be a multimillionaire, and you want to hold onto that feeling forever.

"Winning at this age may be sweeter than when I won as a 21-year-old or a 39-year-old. Because your body's aging, you gotta take better care of it." 

The women took an early lead in the finals, stealing three in the third end. They maintained their lead through the match and ended up winning 10-5. The match was conceded after seven ends.

'Renewed and re-energized'

"The ice changed a lot in the second half of the game so that kind of makes you a little nervous, but it was comfortable having that kind of a lead," she said. "No complaints."

Jones said she and her team intend to keep going.

"They embrace the challenge to get better as much as I do," she said. "I think they're renewed and re-energized."