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Truro T-shirt company gives up part of profits to help homeless

After only six months in business a successful T-shirt company in Truro has donated about $5,000 to groups dedicated to fighting homelessness.

Five percent of the company’s profits are used to help the homeless

T-shirt company My Home Apparel is donating part of its profits to help the homeless. Its popular 'home' themed shirts have been flying off the shelves. (CBC)

After only six months in business, a successful T-shirt company in Truro has donated thousands of dollars to groups dedicated to fighting homelessness.

"I wanted to launch the company as a social enterprise," said Mariah Kearney, the founder of My Home Apparel. 

The first shirts had the word "HOME" on them, with the "O" replaced by the outline of Nova Scotia. But as their popularity and demand grew, new provinces were added and now every one has its own T-shirt.  

This shirt is for those of us who have a big definition of home, or who are travelling abroad. (CBC)

Kearney is shipping shirts across Canada and has her clothing in several stores, including a Fort McMurray, Atla., location.  

Since the theme of the shirts is home, the cause for her company became helping the homeless. 

"There are so many Canadians every single night who don't have a home, so it fit with the concept of the shirt, the home message."

She donates five per cent of her profits to Shelter Nova Scotia and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. So far, the donations tally about $5,000.

"I think it shows to the community at large that even a small company like Mariah's can make a big impact," said Linda Wilson, CEO of Shelter Nova Scotia. 

My Home Apparel has just launched a new type of shirt it calls "Welcome Home." This one was designed in response to Syrian refugees coming to Canada.

Two dollars from the sale of each of those shirts will help fund refugee services in Canada.


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