Nova Scotia

Former Sydney Steel mill park launches YouTube history lessons

Visitors at the former Sydney Steel site will be able to explore the plant's memories using their smartphones.

Visitors to the park can scan plaques with their phone to watch historical videos

Carole Lee Boutlier of the Sydney Steel Museum Society says the first QR code video will be installed in January. (George Mortimer/CBC)

Visitors at the former Sydney Steel site will be able to explore the plant's memories using smartphones.

The site turned into a commercial and recreational park with walking trails and playground after the plant closed 15 years ago.

Plaques explaining the plant's historical significance are scattered along trails and each links to YouTube videos, accessible through a QR code that most smartphones can scan. 

"There's so many historic areas of the site: the original hospital, the open-hearth furnace," said Gary Campbell, president of Nova Scotia Lands, which manages the former steel plant site. 

"The codes will tell the story of what was there at one time."

Blast furnace featured first

The first code will feature the blast furnace, said Carole Lee Boutilier of the Sydney Steel Museum Society.

"As long as they have a smartphone or mobile device that has a QR code app, they can actually scan the codes and watch very short videos about the plant and the people that worked at the plant," Boutilier said. 

That should be in place in January, she said.


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